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  1. Feel bad for those having trouble with the 2nd presale... confused how they distribute tickets across all. Like I know GAs has gone yesterday for Manchester sometime after going on sale, but then on twitter some have bagged them today so they must have had added more (albeit not many)... Really don't know why they don't just add all dates up front they know they will sell out and add more, it just would help spread the demand and let people plan better!
  2. I have a similar question... usually 2nd dates are open up for a U2.com subscriber presale (if you haven't used your code). I am also going to use my U2.com subscriber code for Manchester 1st date... and hoping that should a 2nd date be added that there will be a 2nd album presale code opportunity in the same way that there usually is a 2nd U2.com subscriber presale so I'd be able to use that code then (if that makes sense!)
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