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  1. Its EU Law that you must have a no purchase necessary option for any of these album preorder promotions that provide presale access. Its the same for any band .
  2. For U2's – European Pre-Order Album & Ticket Access offer you are meant to get a presale code if you preorder the album. http://www.u2.com/soe_eu There is also a No Purchase Necessary Option https://store.universalmusic.com/U2/ For this offer no purchase is necessary to get presale access however the no purchase necessary link is faulty. It only links to the front page of the U2.com website where there is nowhere to register for the free presale code. On the other countries in thi
  3. The bots have hoovered up a huge amount of tickets
  4. Appreciate that rundown, geowickey. Thanks, this gives me some comfort as not sure how early we'll be able to arrive. Inclined to keep the Pitch 2 as I've seen U2 many times from the seats. Ever since seeing the broadcast of Live at Slane 15 years ago I've had it on my bucket list to see them in Ireland and the clip of Streets always had me wanting to be in the middle of the madness on the floor. I'm thinking 329 low is a little far removed given how vast Croke looks. Not bad seats per se, but since I have the option for Pitch 2 I guess I'll roll with that. Croke Park is a va
  5. The seats offered in the Dublin presale were mostly in the Davin stand and near the corners as you correctly say. On the Friday though they released some very good seats near the stage in both the upper and lower stands. I could have got 4 seats in Block 303 but threw them back as I was trying to get Pitch 2 ,which were very very difficult to get. Lots of Pitch 1 offered too on the Wed and Thursday,but none on Friday.
  6. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ It was the same for all wires presales ,you could buy a fan club bundle at the same time as the tickets. A complete farce. At least today for London they gave the wires subscribers a 2 hour head start over the bundle.
  7. Loads of standing tickets available for London 2 all this morning. Its patently obvious that they released hardly any standing tickets for Saturday in either the presale or general sale .
  8. Per U2.com FAQs: Q-If I purchase a ticket but wish to resell or transfer to another person, may I do so? A- For North America, tickets purchased during the presale are non-transferable. If you bought tickets for the group, you must enter as a group. Ok thanks ,that seems to clarify that so.
  9. So any update on this ? Are credit card entry seats sold in the presale resellable ? The same seats were print at home in the general sale
  10. People dont even need to subscribe to try in tomorrows presale as you can search for tickets and then add a fan club bundle to your order on Ticketmaster if you get tickets. Its basically a general sale with a $50 surcharge per order. That is a farce. The band really only care about money.
  11. It looks like all tickets in the presale were credit card entry bar Boston which was paper . In the general sale for all venues except Boston only GA was credit card entry ,all of the seats were e tickets . Was this a method to stop scalpers buying tickets in the presale or am I now led to believe that credit card entry seats sold in the presale can be resold ? Is this just a method to ensure Ticketmaster get resale rights for these tickets,if so its a really cynical move.
  12. Why do they have to start these online only presales at 9am in the morning ? Its a very poor time for most people with work ,school ,college ,etc. It should start later in the day to give people a chance to partake.
  13. I bought four 35 dollar tickets for Pittsburgh . Price US $35.00 x 4 Service Fee US $19.20 x 4 Facility Charge US $6.55 x 4 Plus an order processing fee of 4.25 So on a 35 dollar ticket there were fees of 27 dollars per ticket ,that's outrageous.
  14. Thank you ,I will sign my wife up so using a different card. Cheers
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