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  1. I'm sitting in section 206 and from the seating chart it looks like it may be an obstructed view but I can't tell for sure...does anyone know which sections at Lincoln Financial Field have an obstructed view? Thanks!
  2. September 24 2009 at Giants Stadium.
  3. God bless U2 for standing with the Iranian dissidents...Sunday Bloody Sunday was electrifying.
  4. hi all, for anyone who's been in the upper tier for any of the concerts so far, how's the view? were the screens helpful? i'm in section 329 for the njshow.
  5. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NzZkNDU5MmViNzVjNzkzMDE3NzNlN2MyZjRjYTk4YjE gloria made the list at #6...apparently the latin chorus automatically makes it conservative
  6. Hootie And The Blowfish-Hannah Jane
  7. Out: Moment of Surrender, In: Bad Out: Desire acoustic, In: Desire full-band version Out: In A Little While, In: Running To Stand Still Out: Vertigo, In: The Fly/Until the End of the World Out: Crazy dance remix, In: Crazy original version
  8. does anyone think obama will go to the DC concert? it would be pretty awesome if he was there.
  9. Laislinnn wrote: I hear you...i just think they are on a different chord now....I Will Follow is for us old school followers... I've been a U2 fan since 1981. Not much compared to hard core U2 fans, but still... U2 are trying to stay current...get new fans...i would love to see the day when U2 actually did a tour that appeased their EXISTING fan base. Not trying to get a new fan base... it would be nice to see them do something for the real fans some day, you know? I laugh when people get upset about bands not doing something that they thought they should do...Really?
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