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    Just wanted to thank everyone that came out to this event! WE THREW AWAY OUR OLD SETLIST, in order to make the Fan Fest setlist more special! It is alway incredible to feel the love from U2 fans hearing U2 music. I can only imagine how U2 themselves feel. We played: Out of Control The Fly Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss me, Kill Me Acrobat Landlady Red Flag Day Desire Bullet Unforgettable Fire Heartland Red Hill Mining Town Mysterious Ways New Years Day 11 O'Clock Tick Tock Gone Running to Stand Still Bad All I Want Is You Streets With or Without You
  1. Hey Yardie... thanks for writing back. Trust me. "Bad" is my favourite song of all time....and it is always a special show when they play it live. So I hear you. After seeing 6 shows, I also didn't get "The Troubles" or "Volcano". I won't be at any European shows (at least right now) and I think any more of my GA experiences will be far from the rail. I'm by no means a stage hog. I think the B-man just trusts me.
  2. I agree for instance U2br and Amp were taken on stage at least twice...why take people up more than once when there are so many uber fans...I am in Australia and flew over for 2 vancouver and 2 la concerts and amp was onstage at 2 of these...I almost booed the second concert. Other fans should be given the opportunity.And hope they come to Australia I purposely situated myself on the catwalk this time, far away from the E stage for MSG 7. Bono sought me out. Am I gonna say no? Bad wasn't on the setlist anyway. I'm Canadian BTW.... Sorry I ruined your show.
  3. Thank you for all of the rave reviews! We are now at 20,000 + views! Very cool! Loving the new "Invisible" single....love this band.
  4. A very heartfelt thank you to the American Online Film Awards for giving Michael Corbiere his first laurels as a filmmaker. U2 Brothr is an Official Selection for 2014.
  5. Yes... *sniff sniff* the car is gone. Totally know the band "Why".
  6. I figured I'd just write stuff in this thread for my U2 family to know. On Nov 7, 2013, I managed to smash the U2BROTHR mobile. The Hyundai Tiburon that I won was written off because I smashed the car into the rear of a delivery truck. When I watch my movie, it pains me to know the car that I loved...the car that Bono sat on... is gone. So I ended up buying a new car. of course...a lot of people asked me, "after owning a sports coupe, why the heck did you go to the Scion xB.... a five door wagon?" Well, we announced this on FB on Christmas Day.
  7. I know a woman from Toronto who takes concert shirts and turns them into a big quilt.
  8. Almost 2800 views in 5 days... Michael and I are very humbled.... thank you for the postive response.
  9. A long while back, the talented Michael Corbiere made a movie about me during the 360 tour. This is it in its entireity. I hope you enjoy.
  10. I'm very pleased to say.... THE MOVIE IS FINALLY FINISHED! Stay tuned for release. Today we submit it to the DUBLIN FILM FESTIVAL!!! This is truly some of Michael Corbiere's best work!!
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