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  1. In search of 1 GA for San Diego show! Looking to pair with someone who's willing to queue (I arrive from YVR late Wednesday night). Please message me if you know of anyone!



  2. Daydreaming about a trip to Ireland this November ;)

    1. Anjana
    2. stanley14


      Me too, but not this time :(

  3. Ok, I'm back & trying to navigate the new Zoo.....

    1. xtraspicy62


      you just gotta come back here over and over again to get the hang of it :-)



    2. mich40


      Welcome back!

  4. Just making my first visit back to the zoo for the first time in ages...Wow, it looks different in here. Looking forward to chatting to you all again soon! Michelle michielovesU2
  5. Thank you very much!! When is Larry going to be jumping out of my cake ? I've been waiting for his suprise visit all day....
  6. I was going to weigh in on the topic, but I'd rather not - it's a little warm in here... Play nice, people!
  7. ceallach67 wrote: Where's Edge? LMAO... Wait, I think I see him.....
  8. Okay, so I admit to having a little weakness for perfume....I must also say that there is nothing better than a nice cologne on my husband.... My fav perfumes Stella - Stella McCartney Gucci Envy Armani Mania Calvin Klein - Escape (oldie but goodie) Issey Miyaki Fav Colognes Armani Mania - (deelish!) Bulgari Abercrombie & Fitch - forget the name....
  9. MaryMargaret wrote: This is from the Edge himself. A new website with his proposals for the area. http://leavesinthewind.com/ From the page: Dear friends, Thanks for taking the time to look over the information on this website. I never thought I would have to resort to this form of communication, but because of recent inaccurate media coverage, I felt compelled to set the record straight. I hope you will agree that my partners and I have worked diligently to design homes that meet the highest environmental standards; t
  10. illumination70 wrote: I found out my race finishing time/score for the Bloomsday 2009 road race is (drum roll) Finish Time: 1:22:33 (I beat my old score YESSSSSSS!!!!!) Good for you!!
  11. joshthetree wrote: i thougt malibu was in a bottle - great with coke n ice It's also great on ice with pineapple juice
  12. I agree - don't cancel your account, just take some time away. You never know, you may miss us once you leave.... Take care!!
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