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  1. Yes I received the tickets on Tuesday I was surprised. I am in the Netherlands
  2. thats the point, is about making more money , it can't be possible that printing tickets and post them will cost 45 euros.. on top of the services cost. In fact all these companies they have shipment contracts with with "name it" companies.. and it makes all this much cheaper than we can imagine, it will never cost 45 euros within Europe. Understandable will be 15 with safety posts, and Fans should have the option to print without extra costs and or post. I found it really really disappointing someone is making a loot of money.
  3. I found it a little expensive, but I had no other option, the website never showed the E ticket possibility. lets wait and see when they arrive.. confirmation e-mail says after the 12th of February.. looking forward.
  4. I believe is going to be a emotional gig, reason why they choose for Manchester.. such a lovely city.
  5. Hello Sylvia,

    I was checking my message from January tonight and I read your message.

    I am still going alone. I will take the plane on Saturdaymorning. Do you have plans with some other people to meet? Would be nice to join you.

    Greetings, Jos

    1. sylviav


      Hi Jos,


      oh so sad, I just found your message, on the 20th  went to Manchester and from there on the 21st to dublin, i stayed at Hilton custom garden house front of the Liffey good location , but at the end i contacted old irish friends and we went together, did lots of things around went out i had pitch 2 and was right in front of the b stage.


      Hope you enjoyed.




  6. Hi, For what I understand the collectors tickets will be delivered 15 days before the concert date, at least that is the information I got while I got them. Cheers, Sylvia
  7. sylviav

    Album Wall

    I absolutely love this!!!
  8. He is looking very good nowadays.. ther is not fat in that body!! healthly!!..he looks very good for almost 50's,,...
  9. The Wanderer -Johnny Cash. and U2
  10. Ragoo wrote: You have to queue for the pit. The earlier the better. Every single concert is totally different.. my experience in Paris.. i arrived.. at 8 am and my door was open 15 mins later so when i got it halfof the pit was full.. got a place behind the red zone.. (when i arrived arround 7am were less than 200ppl waiting in all gates) ..(the worst organisationever). Experience in Gelsenkirchen-Germany (very good organised)..i arrived at 4 pm from the Netherlands..i already was sure that i had to stand all the way in theback.. but not.. i got without any problem, 3rd row after the c
  11. viv26 wrote: Other than T-shirts, they have a beautiful black and white scarf which Bono wears in a picture. (I can't remember whose poem was on it). Saw it in a store in Ams which sells Edun clothes, it wasn't very expensive. (Sylvia, did you ever shop at Nukuhiva in de Haarlemmerstraat? If not, you should really check it out sometime They also have clothes made with baby Alpaca great ... i jsut saw a shirt online.. beautiful.. probaly thay have it here in A'dam,... Anyway some shoppingafter the stress for getting the tickets is not bad
  12. ultraviolet love14 wrote: Thanks for your interest in EDUN, Achtungbabyxx - I have been buying EDUN clothes for women for four years now and I have no complaints about the items that I have bought (some tees and a few women's blouses). Just know that EDUN is sized small so it is probably best to get the next size up for you if you want a relaxed fit on your EDUN clothes. The cotton that the EDUN tees are made from is the softest cotton that you will ever wear. It is mainly organic African-grown cotton which is fairly sourced. If you have any specific quest
  13. carlinhobcn wrote: Hola a todos! ¿cómo se a que grupo de pre-venta pertenezco? me he suscrito he pagado los 50 dolares y puedo ver mi codigo de preventa, pero no me ha llegado ningun mail por lo que no sé a que grupo pertenezco, aunque por lo visto puede que sea al ultimo grupo! pero quisiera confirmarlo... Saludos y nos vemos en Barcelona! Hola... asegurandote que has ingresado a tu cuenta con tu usuario y todo bien vas directamente a la parte de Tours .. ahi bjas hasta la altura de las fechas ysobre ello debe aparecer un codigo en un recuadro que empiez
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