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  1. Yes I received the tickets on Tuesday I was surprised. I am in the Netherlands
  2. thats the point, is about making more money , it can't be possible that printing tickets and post them will cost 45 euros.. on top of the services cost. In fact all these companies they have shipment contracts with with "name it" companies.. and it makes all this much cheaper than we can imagine, it will never cost 45 euros within Europe. Understandable will be 15 with safety posts, and Fans should have the option to print without extra costs and or post. I found it really really disappointing someone is making a loot of money.
  3. I found it a little expensive, but I had no other option, the website never showed the E ticket possibility. lets wait and see when they arrive.. confirmation e-mail says after the 12th of February.. looking forward.
  4. I believe is going to be a emotional gig, reason why they choose for Manchester.. such a lovely city.
  5. yes, best thing to do.. Darts.. along the coast .. hope weather is nice.. so people will enjoy the days..
  6. HI, Based on my own experience, I went to previous tours with my son when he was only 7 and 12 years old , to GA, people(U2) fans were always very friendly and for my son was an adventure to "Q" more like a camping day with other people.. inside of the venues, we were aways sent to the front side(next to Red Zones) by other fans as they always were friendly and protect with kids. Is up to you at the end if you think your son won't make it. My son is now 19 y.o. and is going to GA with me in Amsterdam.. he loved and still love the experience of going to the U2 concerts.."yo
  7. I know where the church restaurant is I've been there twice, will you go? I until this moment forced to stay at hilton along the Liffey but might change, i am trying to sort out other options, as my plans changed drastically. but stil going! I ve been few times in Dublin, this is gonna be a very long weekend for me alone at the end, so if someone wants to do something visit places, just drop a line or private message me Cheers, Syl
  8. Awesome! July you mean right? haha not August.. i have booked an hotel but might look into something else as my friend is not going and will be alone at the moment there.. will arrive on the 21st afternoon and fly back to Amsterdam on the 24th Monday (afternoon) yes it is on my TO DO list as well
  9. I arrive ont eh 21st in Dublin and will stay until monday 24th afternoon. we can meet the friday evening. SYl
  10. I have Pitch 2 for Dublin, and have GA for AMs 1 and VIP seats for Ams 2. I thin you can find amsterdam 2 vip tickets on ticketmaster.nl
  11. Hi Sortof_jos, I will be flying to manchester first and then next day (21st) to Dublin- a detour because life circumstances - but did let anything to stop me,,is costing me at this stage a fortune. but hell i am going.. i have pitch 2 as well, with no idea of what i am going to do because my trip last until monday 24th- coming back to Amsterdam. tell me about your plans .. you can send me a private message and share phones we could meet in Dublin
  12. do you have the flight already? I had to change all my plans because my friend not going.. from where are you flying? when are you arriving?
  13. I sent a private message so we can be in contact, I will be flying to Ireland on the friday 21st of july, I have Pitch 2 ticket as well. so we could hang around, I been in Ireland previously but since now i am going alone would be great to meet. Cheers, Syl
  14. HI is anyone going alone to Dublin, unfortunately all my plans just changed (fate) now i have to go alone. Any group to meet anything, someone flying alone? I got pitch 2. sylvia
  15. hi Abbekkerk, did you find a group to go to Dublin?, my plans changed , was going with someone but unfortunately now is cancelled, and i might go alone and i am a bit worried not really what i wanted.. tell me if you will meet people there - i ve got pitch 2 tickets well one for me .. sylvia
  16. Hi, For what I understand the collectors tickets will be delivered 15 days before the concert date, at least that is the information I got while I got them. Cheers, Sylvia
  17. HI Everyone, I got by mistake 2 extra tickets for 30th July, VAK 104, the seats are on row 14 - seats 123 and 124 . If someone is interested. price 190 euros each (location is pretty good -where usually business tickets are) you can google online AJAX Arena VAK 104 . Cheers, Sylvia
  18. Hi everyone, I am urgently looking for a staandplaats ticket for Amsterdam date: 29th. Is for a friend who is coming all the way from Peru and would love to see them, I've got my tickets already but we need one. If possible Standplaats for entrance "G" then we are sure we have the same queue. Thank you if someone can help. Sylvia
  19. When you go to ticketmaster.nl , o n the right corner next to "account" you can change the language where says ;TAAL , that means language in dutch , then select english. It will work. About the second show I don't know but I really think will happen, anyway we will find out right at the moment that the general sale starts on Monday 10 AM. I would recommend to use a stable internet connection, if you have a cable connection to your modern would be the best, wifi could not be fast enough sometimes. Create your account n ticketmaster.nl so have it ready, there are 4 types of GA when you scr
  20. I always got tickets easily to be honest, please be sure you connect to a cable to you modem and not using wi-fi, is better for my experience. create your account before you enter the ticketmaster.nl website. good luck and keep on trying.
  21. Hilton Inn for me is just next door from Jurys is like 10 or 15' walking to the stadium.. bit less of 600 Eur 2 nights and jus 8' was to temple bar.. very close to the station where you can go to the beach to spend some time (hope weather will be nice)
  22. I have the same , Pitch 2 G10 - 145- 146 , I was thinking.. are we going to have seats? LOL .. but all this is funny.. I am just so happy I could get Dublin!! for me first time Dublin-U2 .. so excited!
  23. I got them at 10 am irish time and got Pitch 2, but first the system offered me seat, I went back every time until got pitch 2 ..
  24. 2 GA Amsterdam waiting for Dublin GA ,,.... Who is going? lets make a nice group
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