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  1. Hey... are those "hard" tickets or e-tickets? I am still waiting for mine (for the 16th) to be sent, but am interested in the deal!
  2. A double Live CD from the two miracle magic Cologne shows would be a "burner"!!!
  3. yeah both seats are togehter! but i want to swap...!!! Really have to go to Dub3 and or Dub4!!!
  4. Anyone interested in a ticket swap??? We have 2 Tix for Dub1 (seats) and we need 2 Tix for Dub3 or Dub4!!! Lets go!!!
  5. As said we are looking for 2 Tickets for the saturday show in Dublin on November 28th. Any tickets are welcome!!! THX!
  6. i had saved my code for Dublin shows too, but no luck either during presale on friday, nor during the general sale...hopefully i find 2 tickets for friday or saturday elsewhere...
  7. Hi, if the ticket is for sale...im interested? what is the price and how would you like to do the deal?
  8. Hi, would you consider selling the ticket? I have a seat for the first show but would love to get a GA... THX
  9. Ok, heres some news...as i started a new Job and will not be able to make it to Berlin... i have 1 GA Ticket (right side) for Berlin 1 (24th September 2015) to trade in for a (or two) Paris 3/4 Ticket, both Shows November 14 and 15 are welcome!!! THX!
  10. Hi, i am searching for 1(or 2 my girlfriend would aprreciate!!!) (GA) tickets for the Paris show on November 15th...as it is my birtday and the last show in Europe this year i really need to get there... THX!!! mathias
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