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  1. Thanks Max, I appreciate it. I guess I am just worrying that I won't get a UK code as a US one has already been issued
  2. @Max Tsukino. Is this advice still the same please? I am in the UK and verified my account with my US Tickemaster account (I have both USA and UK accounts) but only want UK dates. I received a code for the US dates but have ignored that. Should I remove my USA account and verify withe my UK one please Thank you so much, I appreciate your help when you have so many with questions
  3. @Max Tsukino @bigwave I suspect you are inundated with messages, so hope that you can help me with an easy question I am in the UK and will want to attend UK leg. I have renewed and verified by connecting my TM US account (I have both a UK and US account) and the setup shows as complete on my account. As I want to attend UK show, should I disconnect my TM US account and wait for the process for the European leg, or should I leave my U2.com account as showing 'setup complete' please.
  4. Hi Lorri how much were the seated tickets in L3? They were £170 plus fees - £184
  5. Easiest pre-sale ever!!! Went crazy last time and did NYC and then redzone, seated and GA at 02. My bank balance still hasn't recovered from that so no redzone for me this time, but seated in L3. Happy, happy, happy!!!! Thank you U2.com
  6. I've figured out how to watch this in the UK if anyone is interested! I have a US iTunes account - there is a work around to get one if you don't have a US address etc, feel free to message me if you want to know how to set one up I logged into my US iTunes through Apple TV and signed up for a one month free HBO account, they then send an email for you to confirm your account and all it asks for is a US Zip code. I have a VPN because I work overseas, so on my laptop I set this to the US, logged into HBO and there it is! I can play the trailer and view on my laptop/airplay it to the TV A bit of a faff, but worth it!!!
  7. Hi Spongebob - thanks! If I could have smuggled my 'proper' camera in, I would have could got some great photos of the E stage from the RZ, but all I had was my point and shoot camera, so it was just too far away for decent close up shots. I'm not the tallest person, so had to stretch to see the E stage, the view was great but not a patch on everything else from the RZ. I went GA on the 2nd show and could have stood by there, but figured that they spend 80% of the time on the walkway/main stage so stood mid walkway and got great shots. For the main stage, RZ is an awesome standing point. Have a great time - I am suffering from withdrawals as have no more shows now Thanks!
  8. https://www.periscope.tv/TheKillersUK/1ynJOQBOpkkKR Awesome close up
  9. Doris is solid but sound quality on http://mixlr.com/sirens_wail/is a little better
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