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  1. 3 minutes ago, Max Tsukino said:

    Right now there is no information about how the EU presale process will work, or when it will start... for the moment it's not known if part of the process for the EU presale will be to connect your UK account...

    Maybe you can leave it as is for the duration of the US/CA presale period, and once it ends disconnect it...

    Thanks Max, I appreciate it.  I guess I am just worrying that I won't get a UK code as a US one has already been issued

  2. On 02/11/2017 at 6:45 AM, Max Tsukino said:

    for the moment leave it as is... once there is an announcement for any European dates it will be checked for if there's a need to disconnect it or not...

    @Max Tsukino

    Is this advice still the same please?

    I am in the UK and verified my account with my US Tickemaster account (I have both USA and UK accounts) but only want UK dates.  I received a code for the US dates but have ignored that.  Should I remove my USA account and verify withe my UK one please

    Thank you so much, I appreciate your help when you have so many with questions 

  3. @Max Tsukino @bigwave

    I suspect you are inundated with messages, so hope that you can help me with an easy question :)

    I am in the UK and will want to attend UK leg. I have renewed and verified by connecting my TM US account (I have both a UK and US account) and the setup shows as complete on my account.

    As I want to attend UK show, should I disconnect my TM US account and wait for the process for the European leg, or should I leave my U2.com account as showing 'setup complete' please.


    Easiest pre-sale ever!!!  Went crazy last time and did NYC and then redzone, seated and GA at 02.  My bank balance still hasn't recovered from that so no redzone for me this time, but seated in L3.  Happy, happy, happy!!!!  Thank you U2.com

    Hi Lorri how much were the seated tickets in L3?


    They were £170 plus fees - £184

  5. I've figured out how to watch this in the UK if anyone is interested!


    I have a US iTunes account - there is a work around to get one if you don't have a US address etc, feel free to message me if you want to know how to set one up


    I logged into my US iTunes through Apple TV and signed up for a one month free HBO account, they then send an email for you to confirm your account and all it asks for is a US Zip code.


    I have a VPN because I work overseas, so on my laptop I set this to the US, logged into HBO and there it is!  I can play the trailer and view on my laptop/airplay it to the TV


    A bit of a faff, but worth it!!!

  6. Some cracking pictures in all locations, going in the Red Zone on Friday and Saturday hope we getas close as you did. I noticed no E stage pics, was it too far away?....could you see it at all from RZ?


    Hi Spongebob - thanks! If I could have smuggled my 'proper' camera in, I would have could got some great photos of the E stage from the RZ, but all I had was my point and shoot camera, so it was just too far away for decent close up shots.  I'm not the tallest person, so had to stretch to see the E stage, the view was great but not a patch on everything else from the RZ.   I went GA on the 2nd show and could have stood by there, but figured that they spend 80% of the time on the walkway/main stage so stood mid walkway and got great shots.  For the main stage, RZ is an awesome standing point.  Have a great time - I am suffering from withdrawals as have no more shows now :)


    Amazing pics! 





    Okei, then I think I will just relax and dont Get in line to early to head for the rail. I have been to all the last tours, and have always been in the red sone or heart, but then we have qued for 6-8 hours. It is so cool to could see my stars AS Close AS possible, but if I can come AS Close AS you tell without Queing I think I will go for your advise and head for a spot south side towards there catwalk going over to the e-stage. As I could see from your pictures you where really Close without being at the rail. But how far back do you have to stay to see the screen?



    You can see the screen from 2/3 deep if you tip your head up!  We found that most people stepped back a bit when the screen was on, which made it easier to see, and then forward again when they were on the catwalk. I went to Madison Square Garden and was in seating, so had seen the screen (which is awesome!!) and this time just wanted to get as close as I could - I think we were really lucky and were able to experience the best of everything because everyone in South side around us were just so friendly/moved around together.  People went off to get drinks and were able to get straight back in to the spaces they were in, no elbowing for spaces which I have found at other concerts.  I guess us U2 fans are just a thoroughly decent bunch :)


    Have a look at my album of pics for an idea of how close we were




    40 wasn't played on neither of the first two London nighst so........





    And about Bono, what exactly do you mean, Jaana?   He does seem tired on many nights but I think it's because of the accident and the recovery phase combined with his age, of course....But I'm sure you don't mean Bono's lost the passion and the fire, do you?   What other change did you mean ?

    Think he's talking about the audience singing 40 right after With Or Without You during and before the encore. I could hear a bit of that only.


    Nice pics Lorri and love reading the reviews of people who were actually there. : ) 


    As for Bono, I wouldn't want to see Bono in jet black hair dancing and doing the Zoostation jiggle wiggle moves like a youngin and trying to imitate a younger version of himself. Bono looks very comfortable and cool in his "elder"? self and he's doing it right, right by cool and nothing else. There's a lot of causal movement you still capture in him, but certainly don't wanna see Bono as an older version of himself, as what The King, Elvis did. That was just sad.


    I think some of us look at Bono, U2 as an image that can remain forever and that's never going to happen. Reallly, when I look at U2 in concert pics today. I really do think wow...this band is STILL very very COOL and HOT(I'll throw that in too, ha)and more power to them.It's never about looks and cool, but U2 not only has that going for them but they are without a doubt..the best f-in rock and roll band EVER, in albums and in concert. When you are there with them, they really show you what they are! It's impressive!! 



    Cheers!! I still can believe that we were that close!

    And totally agree with your view of Bono.  The man has cool bones, he is the very epitome of cool. Well, apart from in that lycra/cycle helmet combo, that was perhaps not such a cool look :)  What I loved more than anything about this tour is that it's 90% about them, no gimmicks or fancy stage stuff, just four blokes making an incredible sound - sure there is the screen, but on the stage it's them.  Being cool.  


    South Side GA last night - the closest I have ever been at a U2 gig!


    The show was awesome from start to finish, can't wait to do it all over again on Thursday!!!



    What side would you recommend? South or North? And If I am going for the rail, would the Main stage rail, catwalk rail or the E stage rail be the best? And how early do you think we have to get in Line to get to teh rail?



    100% South!!  I took the advice of someone on here and chose South, SO glad that we did as it seemed to be that they spent more time facing that way, but that could of course be a warped view!


    We didn't queue at all, walked straight in just before 7.30 and were two from the rail on the catwalk - with a lot of room around us too.  We were able to dance, walk about etc and it wasn't at all squashed like I expected it to be.  But if you want to get on the rail then I am guessing those spaces were taken by the people who queued from early in the morning - I get why people want to be that close, but at this show you miss so much if you are standing under the screen on the catwalk.  


    Main stage or catwalk?  I would chose catwalk, toward the E stage - then you get the best of both.  But it is of course personal preference

    I am going on the last show in London, have GA tickets. I just have some questions. What is the best side, the north or the south? And if we get it to the rail, what will you recommend, the main stage rail, the catwalk rail or the E stage rail? I have noticed that it is not neccesary to que up early for good spots, but if I want a rail spot, how early do I have to Get in line?


    Hi - as above really.  We are going again Thursday and are going for South again, it really was perfection!!  We almost got in line early in the morning, but am so glad that we didn't now, for two reasons, firstly we were only two from the rail without queuing at all and secondly you don't see the screen if you are on the rail and the screen is an integral part of the show.

  10. We were in GA last night and have Red Zone for Thursday - having seen the Red Zone last night (we stood just in front of it) we are disappointed by it a little and not as excited as we were about Thursday.  


    We walked into GA last night at 7.15, didn't queue at all anywhere beforehand, and below is a photo I took from our position.  We were able to move about freely, so could stand back a little for the screens if we wanted or move toward the B stage if we wanted.  


    The show was incredible and I don't think that Red Zone is going to add anything to that for us



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