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  1. His words, not mine. Back in 2002 or 2003 we were at a New York Times Talk thingy and Bono was asked about the back problems he was having at the time. Just found a clip from it online. He insisted his back problems weren't from jumping off balconies or anything to do with performing but were from "having far too much sex for my age". Go Bono! I don't think the full audio is available any longer but if you click on "Hear Sample" you'll hear the part I'm talking about. New York Times Talk with Bono Brings back good U2 memories... Bono was brilliant as usual, we wound up
  2. I don't think it's like a song on a cd that needs to be critiqued or debated for it's musical quality. To me it was a prayer to Haiti and the Haitian people. Love it or hate it, love Rihanna and Jay-Z or hate them ... I don't think it matters. It was the sentiment behind the song that made it special. I think it was heart-felt and I think in it's own way it was beautiful. I love U2.... even though I sometimes forget just how much.
  3. Thanks for posting these, they're great!! When were they taken? I would have loved to be there for this, looks like so much fun. Bono's bodyguards don't look like they think it's so fun though. I can see one of them with a look on his face like "How the heck am I gonna get him out of here?" lol
  4. Yeah, Chaz, I was a bit surprised by that too. My U2.com presale starts Wednesday but the Meadowlands presale (which I received just because I signed up for free emails) begins today at noon: U2 360° Tour 2010 Presented by BlackBerry July 19 at 7 PM Don't miss it as U2 brings their dynamic 360° Tour to New Meadowlands Stadium next summer! As a member of Meadowlands All Access, you have the opportunity to purchase tickets before the public on sale. Presale begins November 3 at 12 PM and ends November 5 at 5 PM. Use password: ACCESS Ticket Prices: $253,
  5. Not sure if anyone already posted these links from YouTube: Gimme Shelter: Stuck in a Moment: Because the Night Looks like a fun time. I'm kicking myself for missing it. (but I still don't like Patti Smith :-X)
  6. You're welcome, sorry it's so small. I have some more videos, bits of Sweet Jane. They're really jumpy but if you want to have a look I'll post it.
  7. When was he actually nominated for this? Someone said the due date for nominations was Feburary 1st. If that's true that would have meant he would have only been in office for weeks at the time. Sorry but even if you are an Obama fan, you have to open your eyes and see how ridiculous this is. Even if it was later, he has not actually done anything to deserve this honor and if he had an ounce of integrity he would respectfully decline and allow the committee to bestow it on someone who actually deserves it. The prize itself has now become meaningless. A popularity contest rather than an
  8. I'm not sure if it was after this song or the other one but it sounded like Bono said they should add it to their new CD. I think it's Gavin Friday's song, which would make sense, but not 100% certain.
  9. Quality isn't great but it was awesome live. I hope it works
  10. That's what the guy I was talking to last night said too. Was that you?? If so, send me a message with your email, I have a photo of bono leaning over the roof of the car to shake your hand.
  11. I really enjoyed Gavin Friday's show tonight. I have lots of pictures and videos which I'll try to post tomorrow... but what's stuck in my head is Shane MacGowan. He came out on stage with a bottle in his hand. He kept dropping his mic and was staggering around the stage and I just thought it was heartbreaking. I almost cried. I know he's known for his drinking and performing drunk but I never actually witnessed it first hand before. It's sad. After the show I was standing outside and he came out. He posed for a few pictures then as he was walking towards his cab I found myself face to
  12. LOL Well, reading the newspaper might be a bit boring. I'm actually hoping that they'll sing the "Here's to You Ronny Drew" song, which I love, but I have a feeling that wouldn't quite fit with the show. Adam said they were going to do about 4 songs, but he made it sound like they'd do them as U2. Whatever, I'm sure it's going to be a great show! And you're welcome Sped and yes, I'm sure it's going to be a fun night.
  13. I checked the website again and it looks like there are only tickets in certain sections available. I sure hope it fills up but if not I hope they let those of us in the upper levels fill up those seats.
  14. Thanks SW. It's going to be tight.. Ronan show at 4pm.. with a reception afterwards. It's a bit much for one day/night and I would skip it but I really love Ronan's voice .... it gives me goosebumps. He's also holds a special place because of the physical challenges he's overcome to get where he is today. Very inspirational and very funny too! Hopefully "Gavin and Friends" will have a few drinks before the show and it won't start on time. I'll refrain from commenting on Courtney Love, but I'm sure she'll add to the "uniqueness" of the show. Have fun and thanks again!
  15. Damn... I just paid 50 bucks for a u2.com membership thinking that was why I couldn't get to the link but it's still not working! Nicer background colors for the paid members... so I suppose that's worth $50 eh? lol
  16. Hey (((((((((((((Jake and Family)))))))))))) How are you guys doing? Yeah, it's been awhile... I still hold that book-signing day as one of my dearest U2 memories.. for several reasons. I did go to one NY show.. the Wednesday night one but didn't do the standing in GA line all night/day or anything (couldn't take off from work so just popped in for the amazing show with my niece and sister-in-law) Got caught up in the "U2 madness" a bit when my friend called to tell me she was going to the SNL show last weekend. Going to the Gavin Friday show tomorrow night, but then that's IT
  17. Found this article from Spinner magazine about tomorrow night's show: Gavin Friday Encouraged Best Pal Bono to Crucify Himself Posted on Oct 2nd 2009 12:00PM by Steve Baltin Comments (0) If you think gift shopping for your friends is bad, imagine being best pals with Bono. What do you get arguably the most powerful rock star on the planet, a man who hobnobs with world leaders? Well, if you've got a sense of humor like Gavin Friday, the former Virgin Prunes member who's been friends with the U2 frontman for 40 years, you'd come up with a particularly amusing present. "For
  18. I went on a dinner cruise around Manhattan tonight and early on the DJ on the boat played two U2 songs so I figured he must be on a U2 high, so I went over and asked him if he'd been to see U2 at Giant's Stadium last week. He said he'd been there Wednesday and we both agreed it was a great show. Then I told him I met the band after SNL last night and told him that I asked Adam why they hadn't been playing Bad lately. The DJs face lit up and he said... "You want to hear it now??? I'll play it for you!" Of course I said yes so I got to sail along the East River listening to my favorite so
  19. I hate that this hread keeps popping up top. Sure there are things here and there that I'm not crazy about and I may post them when there's a discussion about that topic but I wish this thread would go away. It's just fishing for negative things for people to say. Can someone start a "What I I really like about U2" thread??
  20. I hate that this hread keeps popping up top. Sure there are things here and there that I'm not crazy about and I may post them when there's a discussion about that topic but I wish this thread would go away. It's just fishing for negative things for people to say. Can someone start a "What I I really like about U2" thread??
  21. Hey (((((((MrsFish)))))))))))) I said hello to you in one of the Giants Stadium Show threads but I guess you missed it. Hope you, the lanky one and family are doing well. I actually like when Bono messes up lyrics... makes the show more interesting. OK, I better try to get some sleep. Night!
  22. Who the hell is Roger Friedman? If he thinks he could do it so much better why isn't he out there doing his own tour. Those who can do, those who can't write bad reviews of great shows. Or something like that.
  23. Yeah, I should go to bed too.. it's nearly 5am! But after meeting the band and then giving Jesse a ride to his friend's house in the Bronx (and getting lost a few times in a not too good neighborhood) I'm not sleeping! Didn't notice any really crazy fans, just a bit over-eager I guess. Although a friend said the group around Edge were really pushy. It's a shame because especially with Bono, they ruined what could have been a really nice experience. Oh another thing.. U2 is going to be filming in NY for VH1 Legends next week.. something about black and white and maybe with Elvis C
  24. Yeah, lucky you! I heard it quite a few times on the last tour but I only went to one show this tour and don't have any plans for any others... so I guess I'll have to wait another 4 years or so. Or MAYBE they'll play it at Gavin's show next week.. wouldn't that be great! Would it be less special if they played it more often? I don't know.. a few years ago I had it on repeat in my car stereo for a MONTH and never once got sick of it. It's like a million different songs in one and it just does something to me.
  25. Thanks! Yeah, it all happens so quick after waiting around for a long time (in the rain). A lot of people got really great photos.. especially with Adam because everyone in that group was so calm and took turns. But in a couple of them he's looking off to the side where I was standing while he was answering my questions. Sorry if I ruined anyone's photos but I just had to know!
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