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  1. Grateful. My mother survived a life-threatening illness last year. My sister and her husband have recently adopted twins after waiting for years to become parents and my husband just found a job he enjoys after months of being laid off. And if the night runs over And if the day won't last And if your way should falter Along the stony pass It's just a moment This time will pass
  2. Haagen-Dasz (did I spell that right?) Sticky Toffee Pudding OMG!
  3. Check out Toast by Heywood Banks on YouTube. Stupid, but funny.
  4. I heard Moment of Surrender in the grocery store yesterday. I had to stop what I was doing to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Such a small thing thatmade my day....
  5. Tragically Hip - Grace Too (only because I've OD'd on NLOTH)
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