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  1. I found out that i can use the code to buy tickets for other concerts too. Are they going to cancel the tickets if you would purchase more than two (different concerts/cities)?
  2. Ehm, you really have to think about that ?
  3. I know what you mean, but judging by that I think it's fairly safe to say that they will be playing a few stripped back numbers at the end of the catwalk where you will be very close to the band! Yes but on other seatmaps (other venues) I see the Red Zone placement against what looks some sort of stage. So I think I will go for 'normal' GA in Amsterdam and will try to get two Red Zone tickets for another venue.
  4. Even if you are a miljonair and no matter what you say, 5k to see a concert (just a concert) is and always will be ridiculous. This is the one thing I will never understand, why is U2 doing is...
  5. The Red Zone placement in Amsterdam seems somewhat bad. Is it everywhere like this ? Why not upfront, we are paying for it. http://www.mojo.nl/media/114334/u2-seatmap.png
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