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    Elevation, Antwerp 5 august 2001
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  1. Dear U2 fans I got 2 spare tickets for the Antwerp gig the 13th of october. I want to trade them for the Amsterdam gig on the 12th of September. My tickets are seating tickets right in front of the stage @the red zone, 175euro/ticket. I want equal tickets for the Amsterdam gig. You can send me a pvt message if you want to trade ! NO SELLING !
  2. ok cool ! On monday I'm gonna try to buy as many tickets as possible!
  3. I have the 2 concerts for Antwerp, my mother 2 tickets and I 2 tickets But on monday I go again for some tickets for Antwerp ! Someone willing to trade for Amsterdam?
  4. Hellow, For both concerts in Antwerp the red zone is sold out. But are there tickets on hold for the general sale on monday for the red zone? Greets Steven
  5. My mother has tickets for the first show, I have tickets for the second show. On monday i will do all I can for xtra tickets to trade! And ofcours you can trade! Thats the only way to see lots of concerts.
  6. Hello fellow u2 fans! I don't know the details about the tickets and the presale. But Im gonna buy as many tickets I can for my hometown in Antwerp, Im looking for european fans to trade tickets, The citys I want to trade them for: Amsterdam Dublin Paris London Glasgow Aachen You can contact me with a private message or look me up on facebookl "Steven Wolles" Thanks and have a beautiful day!!
  7. My little U2 treasure! Signed by Anton. Bono drewed Anton..even with a little camera in the hand. Underneath it is signed "Anton by Bono" I love this Calendar!
  8. Hellow! it is untill the age of 24.. but I am 27..is that ok? im a fan for 10 years now.. have seen them several times and met bono and the gang 4 times I don't follow them everyday around the net, but when they are doing something new i'm there greetings
  9. Hi all! I was surfing around google looking for a picture of bono with johnny cash..but I coudn't find any... Does a photo exist of Bono with Johnny ?? It would be great to hang in my room Oh yeah.. I hope U2 will do the wanderer next year on their tour..maybe if we all post a lot of messages that they should do the song, maybe they will hear our call thanks all! steven
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