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  1. I heard the Crazy Dance Version prior to seeing it Live and my opinion didn't change,thought it was poor and couldnt wait for it to finish so could move on,bit cringey if you ask me but its definetly a track thats divided opinion thats for sure!! Would love God Part 2, some POP thrown in there (doubt they'd ever go near mofo again but..can always hope) but if I had to choose a specific track....I would LOVE Daddys Gonna Pay to return as it was amazing on Zooropa Tour (oh..as was Dirty Day..).
  2. The bottom line is,like whats already been said,its a festival....not a U2 show,U2 could not announce they were playing Glastonbury in advance to give people a chance to go,its not THEIR show,that decision is down to Michael Eavis who runs Glastonbury so,to state your annoyed cos you wanted to go but cant as its sold out is fair enough BUT....its not U2's fault. FACT.
  3. Yes the "Additional dates and cities" caption has finally re-appeared on the tour page,guess were just gonna have to sit tight and hope,if its the US June/July as strongly rumoured theres not much room for many UK dates in the August/Sept schedule,but,surely there will be "something",I just thought everything would be announced at once,oh well...
  4. Noticed the "Additional cities to be confirmed" has gone from tour page? Surely there is gonna be more dates? Just with presales coming this week for Seville etc I'm not sure whether to jump in and get tickets or wait for further dates,Italian dates maybe.
  5. Sweetest Thing....cos I turned Q music channel on before and its U2 day and now its on repeat in my head bigtime!!
  6. football has died? Nail in the coffin? Hmm, slight over reaction here,its bigger than it ever was.Yes its an expensive game but to say its died etc is WAY overthe top.
  7. I think U2's time is up commercially,the younger bands are getting the limelight now,U2 will always be a huge pull tour wise etc,the fans will still buythe albums but,as for reaching out to new fans,can't see it anymore.Is that a problem? Probably not,fan base is huge.As for the whole album leaked on thenet reason why sales so bad....I don't buy it,sorry but thats an excuse,its happened to alot of artists/bands recently,in fact everyones album gets leakednowadays but,these sales are poor considering were talking about U2...
  8. To be honest, who cares, I've never bought a single since "Please", don't really see the point nowadays,charts mean nothing and once you havethe album,why buy the single? (unless your a collector I suppose).
  9. I know plenty of bandwagon jumpers and thats what I was getting at,yesterday I had a bunch of cockneys sitting behind me at the Newcastle match chanting"Geordies,Geordies...", now if that isn't odd I dunno what is.....(of course they are clearly not bandwagon jumpers!!!). What'll happen tothat place when Fergie leaves though,hmmm....
  10. Making a point of how Sunderlands owners etc are Irish therefore they shouldn't be there then etc is a ridiculous comment to make,he wasn't sayingthat!!! Support your local team...fair enough....you have to live with the fact theres a HUGE percentage of Man Utd fans that are bandwagon jumpers,FACT.NOTsaying you are mind.Looking at it from the outside,go past the scousers before you start gloating and from what I've seen this year,Liverpool are clearlyon the up and have played the better football (no arguments,they have..)so,next year onwards should get extremely interesting.....
  11. To be honest,I've always wondered why they never go down the unplugged road,I know they can do what they want but, all this time and never doing it? Hmm.shy boys???
  12. "May I ask where the mentalilty came from that if you're a fan of U2 it's the law that you have to love everything they do? Was there some kind offine print that I missed that said fans weren't allowed to dislike something?" I love that,it sums up alot of what goes on this site.
  13. My problem isn't really with U2, but there are some people (no one here) who make the band members out to be perfect angels Totally agree.An extremely slight thing I dislike about U2 is how they stopped playing Zoo TV version of ONE and 2005's Streets live version, hmm!. I'mpicky? Definetly!!
  14. To me, I liked it instantly, still think its really good BUT, don't think it should have been the first single....or a single at all, I dunno??. Is greatlive and I suppose I agree with the whole "having a great rock band sing about sexy boots" but overall, I like it.
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