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    E+I, Paris, 8&9 Sept 2018; The Joshua Tree 2017, Dublin 22 July; I+E Tour, Paris France, 10&11 Nov 2015
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  1. how to access to pre-sale?


    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      providing you are a paid subscriber, go to your profile where you will find your presale code (if you are eligible)... if yes, go to http://www.u2.com/tour

  2. Hi Ulla 

    Irish fan for 35 years looking for one  Pitch 2 ticket, if you have a spare one Please



  3. Hi there! Are you still looking for a ticket? I have a couple of tickets to pitch 2 GA for sale, face value €76 each. Send me a message if you are interested! Best regards, Ulla (coming to Dublin as well )
  4. Wow, thank you for sharing your experience! That is what it's all about, and now it's even harder to wait until November 10th & 11th...
  5. I have RZ tickets for Paris in November, can't wait! Anyone here who already went to RZ on this tour, how was it - the layout, the crowds etc?
  6. My presale code email said exactly the same, but when I got in to Ticketmaster (France, as I was buying for Paris) there were tickets for Red Zone as well. Gulped and went for them... 280 euros each but I'm sure it's worth it! ((edit: fixed price, no auction))
  7. Ticketmaster France accepted at least Amex and Visa, and Mastercard and CB as well - as far as I'm able to remember (all that stress, you know...)
  8. ulla_j

    Red Zone?

    I got my Reds for Paris earlier, so I guess you can buy all tickets in presale.
  9. You should also find the tickets under 'My account' or something like that on the seller's page when you sign in. Hope everything is ok.
  10. RED Paris 280€ per ticket, seated. (edit: not seated, just seat numbers on tickets...)
  11. Paris RED was 280€/ticket, seated (edit: not seated I guess, just seat numbers in tickets...)
  12. RED Paris 280 per ticket... What wouldn't I do to see U2 . GA was 70-80something, if I remember correctly.
  13. Yep, Paris RED both nights - what a huuuuuuge stress and relief in the end. Smooth sailing, except for the system not accepting the payment a few times. Had to start again and again and again, pulse racing (and lost a few rows in the process...). Now just
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