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  1. Copenhagen - post show party on Saturday with tribute being advertised at The Old Irish Pub - anyone know which old Irish pub - appears to be a view in the city. I think its the big one , quite new, but cannot confirm.
  2. Ok, All good. I have a reply to the e mail I sent TM - Thank you for your email. Your order confirmation is what you need to bring along with your ID. Have a nice day. Med venlig hilsen / Kind Regards KAROLINE LINDSTRØM Service Center, Operations
  3. Still nothing regarding Copenhagen RZ pick up. I emailed TM - no reply (there's a surprise!) So, Ive spent a fortune, tickets (hopefully), flights, hotel etc. I dont have a receipt that I have been asked to bring with me. Ticketmaster dont reply No E mail as yet regarding pick up of tickets Getting a little concerned. Can someone put my mind at rest ?
  4. Going to Copenhagen Red Zone on 29th. Question what/which paperwork is my receipt ? Or, will that be on the next e mail due a week before the show ? - the email I received straight after booking states "Will Call tickets: By purchasing (RED) Zone tickets please note: You will NOT receive a ticket before show day. The ticket will be ready for collection at Royal Arena on show day. Please bring your receipt and photo ID. You will receive an email with full timings and pick-up location within 1 week before the event."
  5. We're doing Copenhagen as well, should be a decent city break topped off with a great gig. Would be nice to find a non expensive (but not necessarily the cheapest) in the late afternoon before the gig - with a jukebox stacked with U2 tracks ! Or better still, some live music with some U2 covers thrown in ! Maybe we can organise an informal pre gig meet up ?
  6. When the Europe dates were announced on this site, it said they would performing "in the round" - hence it cannot be the same as I&E. Whether or not the above picture is correct or not, I dont know - as I said, someone else published this claiming they got it from the Washington venue site. Who knows ? My main point is though, we should be able to see the stage/arena set up as and when we buy tickets. At present we have no idea where the best seats will be (in our own individual opinion). We are merely buying tickets based on price, not location. No one knows where the Red Zone area will be either. I think the fact that you dont see the arena with stage set up prior to purchasing tickets is scandalous.
  7. All we have been told is that it will be "in the round" with multi performing platforms. Cant be the same as before then. However, I feel we are somewhat sold short here. We're buying tickets with absolutely no idea of where the stage is, the overall set up etc. For example, where is the Red Zone ? It was awful for I&E, I'd expect better this time round. Someone found the following set up shown for Washington a while back - now that does look good and kind of backs up the "in the round" with multi platforms. Details please ASAP - its not fair we're buying tickets "blind".
  8. Thanks so much for all the replies. Dont understand what was happening - I'm not that great with IT, perhaps work filters were blocking the site, or something similar. Anyway, thanks to my mobile phone, I have secured 2 Red Zone tickets for Copenhagen ! Taking the wife for a long weekend over there. Didn't really want to pay RZ prices with flights and hotels to pay for, but, hey, guess I'll only do this once. Enjoyed RZ in London before. Thanks again ! I really do appreciate it. Love to all x
  9. No. Can get it on my phone but its all in Danish and I dont understand Danish !
  10. All of that just brings me to the "general" ticketmaster Danish site ?
  11. Second link takes me here - Fan Guarantee Ventelister Kundeservice/FAQ Gavekort Global Top Events Collector Ticket b2b-site Søg SØG MUSIK SPORT TEATER & UNDERHOLDNING FESTIVALER FAMILIE COMEDY HVAD ØNSKER DU AT SEMusikSportTeater & UnderholdningFestivalerFamilieComedy HVORNÅRAlle datoerjanuar 2018februar 2018marts 2018april 2018maj 2018juni 2018juli 2018august 2018september 2018oktober 2018november 2018december 2018 HVORAlle stederDanmarkAabenraaAakirkebyAalborgAalborg ØstAarhus CAarhus NAarsAlbertslundAllingeAnsagerAssensAuningBallerupBedsted ThyBirkerødBlokhusBlommenslystBorupBrabrandBrammingBrandeBredstenBrædstrupBrønderslevBrønshøjCharlottenlundChristiansfeldDiverse byerEsbjergFaaborgFanøFjerritslevFredericiaFrederiksbergFrederiksberg CFrederikshavnFrederikssundFårupGillelejeGiveGlesborgGlostrupGramGrenaaGreveGrindstedGråstenHaarbyHaderslevHadsundHanstholmHasleHedehuseneHelsingørHemmetHerningHillerødHirtshalsHjørringHobroHolbækHolstebroHorsensHøjbjergIshøjJellingKalundborgKarrebæksmindeKarup JKertemindeKjellerupKlampenborgKoldingKongens LyngbyKorsørKvistgårdKværndrupKøbenhavn CKøbenhavn KKøbenhavn NKøbenhavn NVKøbenhavn SKøbenhavn SVKøbenhavn VKøbenhavn ØKøgeLem StLemvigMariboMiddelfartMøldrupNakskovNexøNibeNordborgNyborgNykøbing FNykøbing MNæstvedOdderOdense COdense SOdense SVOdense SØOdense VPræstøRandersRingkøbingRingstedRoskildeRudkøbingRyRødovreRønneSamsøSilkeborgSkanderborgSkiveSkjernSkærbækSlagelseSlangerupSorøStegeStore FugledeStruerStøvringSvanekeSvendborgSvenstrup JSæbySønderborgTarmThemThistedThyholmTisvildelejeTommerupTønderValbyVamdrupVardeVejenVejleVester SkerningeViborgVigVildbjergVojensVorbasseVordingborgVæggerløseØrbækFrankrigFærøerneGhanaIslandItalienPortugalSpanienStorbritannienSverigeTysklandUngarn FIND TICKETMASTER DANMARK Fan Guarantee Kontakt os Kundeservice/FAQ eTicketFast FAQ Følg os på sociale medier Gavekort B2B-site: Forum for Arrangører Platinum-billetter Retningslinjer for køb Retningslinjer for brug Cookie-politik Persondatapolitik Levering/afhentning Gebyrer Salgssteder Om os Global Top Events Om store billetsalg (onsales) Om billetsvindel Min Profil Aflyste forestillinger Flyttede forestillinger Annoncering Erhvervsservice Ledige stillinger Arrangører (billetformidling) Gaveæske Hent vores app PARTNERE Ticketmaster International Ticketmaster Norge Ticketmaster Sverige Live Nation Jyske Bank Scandic Hotels ©2018. Ticketmaster Danmark, Gammel Kongevej 60, 5. sal, 1850 Frederiksberg C. All rights reserved.
  12. I've followed that link - still no luck - just takes you to a general ticketmaster (assume Danish site) ?
  13. Get there but not on sale not even for presale - Onsale has not yet started. General public onsale starts on Mon, 29/01/18 10:00 CET. Price range: 325.00-1440.00 DKK
  14. Trying for Denmark tickets. Link takes you to Ticketmaster, but no pre sale link ? HELP !!!!
  15. Hi. Bit of a long shot. Off to a New Year's Eve '90s fancy dress party. Am trying to put together a Zoo Tv inspired costume. Would really like to get some trousers like The Edge had on the cover and also the rings. The trousers just don't appear to be out there - has anyone ever tried to make them ? If so, how did it go ? Rings - it appears some people were selling replicas a few years back but can't find anything. Any advice ? Or better still, anyone got a decent Zoo TV costume I could hire for the evening ? (U.K. Based) Many thanks.
  16. No luck for me. Already appearing on Gum Tree - https://www.gumtree.com/p/pop-music-tickets/1x-u2-ticket-to-mtv-trafalagar-square-this-saturday-11th-/1274511649 Why didn't they just do the whole ballot for us members ?
  17. Just settled down in the queue. Approx 50 - 70 in front of me. The shop will only let 15 in at a time, then one in, one out, which I think is a good shout. Small shop, no idea how they got 12. Hundred Records, Romsey.
  18. Good luck PeterM1. I'm about to leave to join the queue at my nearest store. Their queue started at 4.15 yesterday afternoon. They have told me they are getting 12 copies so fingers crossed.
  19. 100% agree mate... same as you - genuinely reckon I'll actually give it a miss and spend the money on a nice holiday in the sun.... first tour missed since War Tour but had enough of this garbage You can keep trying. Presales are open until Friday. I wanted Red Zone, not GA & not seats, the screwing about until Twickenham RZ were actually put up there so you could see them meant that the GA allocation had gone by that time so I went for seats. The fact that you didn't even have to put your code in for the RZ tickets is an even bigger kick in the nuts. The Wire presale will be even worse & the normal onsale will be crazy. I've calmed down a bit, but I've just remembered that people were posting about no Red Zone on ticket master yesterday. Now, although Rz does now appear, it strikes me as a complete after thought hence the no code required error. The lack of red zone option should have been tackled yesterday. If I were running things it would have been my top priority over all other work to ensure it was sorted prior to the pre sale starting. There should have been a separate link for Rz tickets. It's not rocket science to realise that a lot of fan club memebers would be wanting these tickets and it should have been sorted. Honestly, the mind boggles as to the intelligence of whoever is running this shambles.
  20. I did get Red Zone tickets - it's box office collection only with ID, so can't resell them very easily to strangers.GA tickets are posted out though. That does at least hopefully screw the touts, but still annoying that no code was required.
  21. The Red Zone has been a farce for Twickenham. To start with no option to buy red zone. Eventually got an option for red zone, all gone. No password required. As others have pointed out, probably touts have got the lot. Red zone is partially for charity, so now the scum bag touts will be making money on selling tickets that are supposed to do some good for charity. It makes my blood boil. Honestly, every single time there is some hassle, error, f up on getting tickets. Got a decent seat in the end and saved a few pounds, but so, so disappointed
  22. Don't get that option ! Every time there is a load of hassle doing this.
  23. Can't see RZ option for twickenham
  24. No Rz teickenham its 9.05
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