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  1. you are right man. i'll try at the general sale. thanks for let me know.
  2. very disappointing... why did they do it like this?
  3. they should have made it more clear then that!!! they should write clearly that we cannot split the code. but you can still try anyway...
  4. i used mine 2 weeks ago and i bought 1 ticket and now i see that my code is stil there. i even got an email about the pre sale of today with m code in it! so what is that mean? can i buy another 1 ticket??
  5. 2 tickets for the same show are 2 different shows??
  6. agree. i don't understand why did they do it. why not like other tours when you could use your code to by 2 tickets for 2 different shows. i didn't know that until now, one hour before the pre sale. VERY ANNOYING!!!! and i took a day off for this!!!
  7. Hi all, i remember last time on on i+e pre sale (2015), because of security policy in axs.com, some of us could not find tickets, and every query for tickets returned with zero results. i had that problem too since i'm outside Europe. i remember that installing "tunnelbear" fixed it. so i just wanted to let you know just in case... good luck to all of us!
  8. Hi there, I have 1 ticket for sale Berlin show. Seats area (block 37). Face value + shipment as i paid. PM me. Good day.
  9. So maybe there will be eTickets. Good for those who come from far countries.
  10. Any of you know is it going to be E ticket or a paper ticket?
  11. probably the same in UK show. ticketmaster.uk and eventim.uk
  12. anyone knows who is the vendor for Berlin tickets?
  13. yeah i see it in the account info. thanks dud.
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