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  1. Yeah that is my worry too. Could be big queues at willcall too. I’ve not had a response to my query from yes24.
  2. Yes24 have confirmed Seoul is by ticket number and queue starts at 2. I’m guessing if Tokyo doing it they need to clarify soon
  3. Hi, Yes24 have updated the info on red zone and GA: http://m.ticket.yes24.com/English/Perf/Detail/FnPerfContents.aspx?IdPerf=33712 There is an image which suggests need to queue from 2pm but no real fine detail. If not in line in time you lose your order from the ticket number. Also suggests that lockers open at 2pm. And my understanding is that international ticket buyers need to collect from will call on day of show which opens at 2pm. So not sure how queuing and ticket collection will work if times clash. I’ve emailed them to ask.
  4. Nah, just what was on the initial email about picking them up. Need to find it and print it off this week! Can’t recall what it said, think just take email to a 7-11, but that might be Tokyo. I’ll have a look when home.
  5. Hi, might seem a bit of a daft question. I’m GA and normally just take a hoodie and tie it round my waist. Did the same in UK, Dublin and Berlin last year. With Tokyo being winter I’ll need a coat. So wondering if there are cloakroom/lockers at the arena? Or will the stadium be an ok temperature with the roof on?
  6. Hi, not done a concert in winter before. Normally I don’t bother with coats. On e&i I just took a hoodie to the shows even though it was November. However, I've read Seoul can be minus 5 so be a bit daft to freeze! But on other hand I don’t really want a coat in a gig. Are their cloakrooms/lockers in the skydome. Also, if under a roof will it be that cold ? I tried looking at the website but couldn’t see an English page and my phone’s translator wouldn’t convert it.
  7. Hi, there is talk of December playing a gig on the 3rd in Tokyo if they can get enough interest. Thry are a really good band from Scotland that play a combination of their own music and U2 covers. if interested there is a FB group on it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/801674606930254/?ref=share
  8. Yeah I’m curious on this too, and for Seoul. I’ve not got a clue what my number is for Tokyo but Seoul it’s decent.
  9. Hi, can I check this is right? I wasn’t aware of it. I got one ticket in public lottery and didn’t see it mentioned. Just concerned as I’m buying a ticket of someone else who bought it off someone else so could get messy!
  10. I wonder if there will be one if not announced yet. Think they didn’t have an opener in Japan in 2006 even though other countries did.
  11. Hi, does anyone know of any U2 fan meet ups or tribute bands that might be happening the week of the shows in Tokyo? Made it extra special with December in Berlin and Zooropa / U2 baby in Dublin last tour! cheers jon
  12. Hi, just wondering if you need ID when picking up from a 7-11? I’ve bought a ticket off someone and the initial seller won’t be in Japan to collect them. The person i’m buying off says they have been in touch with live nation Japan and you only need the confirmation email. I’ve seen a screenshot too and it doesn’t say need ID. Is that what other people are expecting? Just concerned as Seoul says you do need ID cheers jon
  13. I’ve emailed live nation korea today and they said: “We don't have any plan for second show right now. Thank you, Live Nation Korea” The use of ‘right now’, could mean not ruled out completely but looks very unlikely.
  14. Do you know how you find your ticket number if standing to see what position you enter in? i didn’t do red hill presale as was hoping for Seoul 2 so did vendor presale and got lucky today . But as the confirmation is in Japanese I can’t tell my ticket number other than I have to take the confirmation to a 7-11 to get ticket. cheers
  15. I was like you and holding out for Seoul 2 but as that looks unlikely I did the Tokyo vendor sale and managed to get a GA. Like you I was worried about being declined being in England. I contacted my bank but they said there was nothing they could do which I was surprised about but due to the amount there shouldn’t be an issue. I imagine if I was getting RZ it would have flagged. I don’t think your ticket will have been allocated in the lottery but instead go to the general sale. I sent livenation an email today to query the availability of Tokyo 2 and they replied and said any categories that haven’t sold out or where the recipient couldn’t complete payment then these tickets will be available in the general sale. So maybe try again on Saturday.
  16. 570 now, so about 150 gone in a week. I can’t see a 2nd show tbh
  17. Only the rear standing is struggling. Front standing went quick. if only they hadn’t allowed increased capacity - i read it is normally 25k but upped to 32k. Would have sold out weeks ago! i’m still hoping but as another week has gone it is getting more unlikely
  18. I think with Singapore 2 being announced, I’ve lost hope of Seoul 2. yeah I agree about GA being spilt and numbered. If come late to buying a ticket you don’t want to be stuck near back. Croke park being split was different, cos just being there was special in Dublin
  19. Yeah I got Seoul night one and number is in the first 20! I’ve seen a post from Max, one of the mods, and they’ve not confirmed if those will be used for ordering entry. Might be a reason GA sells worse, if buy late you have a worse chance of a good spot. I might just bite bullet and go for Tokyo 2 in general sale. Still got couple days to decide and hopefully a 2nd Seoul show is announced by then 🤞
  20. It’s been a few days now that Seoul has been available for sale and still over 1500 GA tickets left in the rear standing, but most seats have gone. Is this a bit lacklustre from a sales point of view and if so are we not likely to see a second night? Trying to decide if maybe opt for Singapore instead or see about addiut a Tokyo trip in. Thanks
  21. There is another @SeanLowe009 claiming to be in U2’s mgmt and thinking fans are gullible enough to believe Bono will do house visits for as cheap as €300. Was wanting me to hook up via an app called hangout. Kept pestering even though I asked if I could pay by carrier pigeon.
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