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  1. Where is it? I haven't gotten mine yet and at this rate I'm going to look for alternative means to get the album because I'm not paying for it again. Also, where are the Joshua Tree vinyl that we're supposed to be getting?
  2. He's right. Everyone thinks the iNNOCENCE group was the only group that got slighted. I'm an eXPERIENCE and couldn't get GA tickets. The next step up was either $100+ obstructed/limited view seats or $300+ tickets. That's not much of an alternative. 100% of the GA tickets should have been available for eXPERIENCE members and whatever was left goes to everyone else.
  3. I've gotten the same automated response three times for the three inquiries I sent. Is that what they mean by " Meantime everyone is working tirelessly to reach any subscriber who hasn’t yet got the tickets they were after last week"? I haven't heard from ANYONE except for these three automated messages.
  4. You have a valid argument about the 4 vs 2 ticket limit. Fan club members are long time members, especially eXPERIENCE members like me who were Propaganda subscribers back in 1984. I hope they hold off on announcing any more rollover dates and putting them onsale until they fix this completely broken system they implemented and come up with a better method to get tickets (the ones they want, not the ones they have to settle for) in the hands of their fan club members first.
  5. https://www.ticketnews.com/u2-verified-fan-upsets-fans/amp/
  6. They're going to screw us again if they add rollover dates in the presale. This means you go back in this verified fan lottery and may or may not get another verification code. This is a bigger cluster fuck than the Vertigo Tour pre-sale in 2005. If Paul McGuinness were still managing the band, this would never ever happen.
  7. This NEVER would have happened if Paul McGuinness were still managing the band.
  8. What I remember from Vertigo was that the entire spring tour went up onsale and it was a complete disaster where Larry made a statement not only on the website here but at the Grammys during their acceptance speech. They announced the fall tour, did a second pre-sale with new and triaged codes to put the long time Propaganda subscribers at the front of the line. On the 360 tour your presale code was good for the entire leg of the tour until you purchased your ticket limit. The Joshua Tree the code was good for the entire tour up to your ticket limit. For this who knows what the hel
  9. I was in the Experience presale and the page did not reload at 10 AM or 10:01 AM, when it did at 10:02 AM, all GAs were gone.
  10. Are they doing rollover shows in all the cities they've booked? There are huge gaps in the tour routing.....six nights between LA and Chicago, three nights between Chicago and Nashville, three nights between Uniondale and Philly, three nights between Philly and DC, three nights between DC and Boston, three nights between Boston and NYC, and three nights between NYC and Newark. You cannot tell me that they're going to keep all those dates open and only play one night in each city with (a) the demand for tickets and (b) all the fans you've pissed off with this presale with lousy inventory
  11. It was no better for the Experience group. 10 AM on Tuesday....page doesn't reload. 10:01, still no reload. 10:02 page reloads and all GA are gone.
  12. The page reloaded 2 minutes after 10 AM for the Experience pre-sale and all GAs were gone. It's official: U2 Start has declared this the worst presale since the Vertigo Tour in 2005
  13. Was the 2016 membership offer mailer ever sent out? I never got anything
  14. My membership isn't set to expire until March 2013. How long is this offer good for?
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