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  1. People that desperate to pay those numbers? It's one thing to offer the tickets for those prices, but another thing to buy them! Scalpers ony have a ob because people buy those tickets. I'm a huge fan, but won't pay that crazy prices! There are other ways to make sure your attending at least one show.
  2. @ rhjannink; were did you get the information about the rock- an aqoustic version of the show? Didn't read that on de U2 site or forums.
  3. My response to the email I got after leaving a 'help-message' yesterday: Hello, thank you for the email. But my problem can't be fixed it seems. Bought the gift-package by accident and recieved the email with the gift-code. But it supposed to be for myself, not for someone else. Do I need to buy an new package? In the U2-shop there are only gift-packages. When I want to upgrade my profile, I can see the right packages. But there's no box to put in the gift-code. Do I need to buy another package? And then cancel the gift-package (is that possible because I allready got the code in my ema
  4. Tried that, but I came to a page were there's nothing to click etc. Just says packages on the left (step 1), subsciption in the middle and step 2 on the right side. Beneath that all the info about the packages.
  5. When I go to the renewal page (link in the FAQ's) or to the subscribe page (also FAQ-link), I see my personal facts (adress, name etc). I have to select a package; did that. But than I see this page with just information about the packages, but no options to click.
  6. Don't get it... sorry! I bought the gift-package. Got an email which said to send it to a friend; they could subsribe at the site and use the gift-code. So I can't use the code for myself? Or do I have to 'upgrade' again and fill in the gift-code? Would they allow that, because it's the same person using the code? Or do I have to buy a new package (at the U2 shop?)? Use that one and hope to get a refund for the gift-package?
  7. @ Max; thanks!! @ Deagonfaerie; didn't tried it. Affraid I might lose al my options. Opened a new topic about the 'gift package' in order to get a little more structure for the people with the same problem.
  8. Dear Zootopians, does anyone have the answer to the problem of buying a 'gift package' by accident, in stead of the package for your selves? Wanted to resubscribe. Went to my profile, selected the update-button, bought the package at the Live Nation site. After this I noticed the 'gift- thing' and learned that it's not the right package to get the pre-sale codes myself... Noooooooooo!!!! Just got the confirming email with the unique gift subscribing code... but can't use it myself or?? What to do? Can I trade the code with someone in the same situaties? Or isn't that possible beca
  9. Just got an email after buying the 'gift-package' by accident today: "This email contains the unique gift coupon code which they will need to use when they sign up online as a subscriber'. So can't use it myself???? Real problem! Any of the mod's know what to do??? Bought it for $50, don't want it to be a waste of money.... Can we trade the unique git subscription code? Or isn't that possible because we are allready members?
  10. @Claire; in the U2 shop I can only find packages, also with 'gift' in the titel. Cheaper ($40), but also stated as 'gift'.
  11. Agree, same here! Can your creditcard-company be of any means related to cancelling your order at LiveNation? What a mess... sad right now
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