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  1. A facebook initiative had people posting their photos toasting Bono on his big day. This is a collection of all of us around the world celebrating (few cakes, cards and memories included) 🍻 Cheers Bono!
  2. Taking us to that other place like you do everyday. Happy happy birthday Bono! PS You're definitely the sexiest man in Dalkey
  3. I was too young to go to Zoo TV tour but luckily got a reminder in 2018 💙
  4. Thanks ❤ Somehow i'm always in the last group to recieve any mails from u2.com haha.
  5. The email was supposed to come to all verified subscribers today according to the site. Text with code should come just before the sale.
  6. Should i be worried if i did not get the email yet? I've renewed and verified on time and checked my email address and spam folder. I'm in the innocense group though so there's still some time left...
  7. Same here... Starting to get worried.
  8. Get well soon and best wishes for the family. Don't anyone worry about "inconveniencing" fans! Prayers from Finland.
  9. Music wasn't important to me, but in 2002 (I was 16) I saw the video for Electrical Storm and thought that was the most beautiful song ever. So I bought the Best of 90-00 album and liked it a lot. Then How To Dismantle came out and I heard Miracle Drug and fell in love. In 2006 I bought the 18 Singles and listened to it at work, heard New Year's Day and something happened. Came home, watched the Slane castle gig and bought all the other albums and DVDs during the next week
  10. I definitely want the live mix of Crazy too! Zoo TV Sydney is another concert on CD already. And I could've paid 40$ for the presale access code alone so I'm just happy to get a CD...
  11. I heard Bad twice this tour (attended 4 shows) so I'm not complaining I think it's so intense that it needs a certain atmosphere though if that makes any sense... But outdated no!
  12. 2 friends of mine were in the back (different shows) and both enjoyed it a lot! Not the best seat obviously but not bad either.
  13. It was an amazing feeling to be in the pitch and a great wiew to the stage, but since I'm not very tall I couldn't see to the runway and also missed the beautiful screen... So just behind the runway was better for me.
  14. I personally think the scar is quite sexy
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