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  1. According to the Facebook page for Nashville, several people are meeting at Acme Feed & Seed tonight (Friday) at 7 pm CST.
  2. I don't know of anything Friday but there are a couple of things Saturday. There's a free get together in the RRHoF plaza with food trucks, music, etc. starting at 4 pm. There will also be a group at an Irish Pub, Flannery's I believe. I learned of both via Facebook.
  3. I saw them at the Hoosier Dome 30 years ago Going to Cleveland July 1st and hope to use my pre-sale code for 2 tickets to Indy! Born and raised in Indianapolis but live an hour north now.
  4. I see they've finally added package details (that I saw last night on the VIP Nation link someone posted) but still no pricing information that I can find. Any idea what they're going for? We've pretty much decided to just go ahead and get tickets without worrying about going VIP - but after being first row at the end of the stage for i+e, I'm hoping we can get decent seats w/o VIP
  5. I'm in the same boat as everyone else, wondering what the VIP packages entail, cost, and why they aren't on sale until Thursday at noon. For i+e, we did the travel package but we knew well in advance what it included and could plan for the cost! I keep checking my email, checking the FAQ's, and reading the forums. I've even resorted to Google to see if anyone anywhere at all has info. So frustrating! I plan to be at the Cleveland show no matter what but...
  6. This may be a long shot but here goes: My husband and I had AMAZING seats - section 113, row 1, directly at the end of the main stage walkway. Toward the end of The Miracle of Joey Ramone, Bono came to the very end of the walkway and knelt down. I was so stunned to see him so close, I didn't get a picture and he never came that close again the rest of the night. Did anyone nearby (or even across the arena) capture that? I found a periscope feed that had the song but it was at such an angle I couldn't see me in it.
  7. With the VIP travel package, we got tickets in section 113, row 1, seat 9&10. Not right up against the stage like Red Zone or GA, but close enough for this old person who likes having a defined space and the option to sit when nothing's going on
  8. Did anyone else get the VIP travel package? I laughed at the original poster's comment about selling one or both kidneys because I said the exact same thing when I saw the various package prices. I was floored when my husband surprised me with something other than plain ole seats!
  9. My husband is either crazy or loves me a lot and bought us the VIP travel package for Chicago. I am SO excited but it is a crap-ton of money! The hotel is the W on Lakeshore. It also includes travel to/from the venue, pre-concert reception, etc. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for me since I can't see him ever paying this amount again. Anyone else get this package?
  10. My husband and I are coming from Indiana for the June 25th show. He MAJORLY surprised me with the VIP travel package so we will be staying at the W Lakeshore and seats are TBD (but promised to be within the 1st 15 rows). I AM SO EXCITED! I could barely work the rest of the day once he forwarded me the email with the purchase info!
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