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  1. I've been streaming it over my Samsung Note last night and this morning over Sprint network without any major issues. Only had a couple of times that it skipped backwards though that was prob more of the cell network I think than anything else. Haven't tried it yet from the computer yet
  2. I've had this on last night and again today , am enjoying it. To me this is an Amazon stab at an artist channel similar to what Sirius / XM would do with limited run . I've already heard one of the tracks on the U2 subscriber gift (Streets live from Washington?), You're the best thing about me live. I already had Amazon Prime and use the music service on a regular basis so this is a bonus for me....I use the stuff anyhow
  3. Looking forward to hearing how it goes tonight , Detroit was awesome fun...sure to be the same in buffalo tonight
  4. Great show, and as a review in the local paper mentioned..it seems like it went faster than the 2+hrs it really was. On a different note, I have to say the only person I can think of that worked as hard as the band was the woman down on the floor who's job it was to do sign language interpretation of the show. My wife and I noticed her during the Beck set and then I looked back during U2's ....air guitar , drums, movements and lyrics...she was a one person interpretation of the show for a section of people. Was interesting to see. I told my wife after the show (this is our second U2 show together, my 4th) that I don't recall seeing any other band that each time thanks their fans for giving them a wonderful life. Looking forward to another u2 show in the future if they come back this way.
  5. You can still get those on the site , they show as available
  6. I've seen shows at Ford Field before using Flash Seats paperless entry without any issues. No worries you'll be okay when the show gets here
  7. well chalk this up to another alternate fact from Ford Field. Called today and they are not selling parking ahead of time
  8. I got hit with them as well on the tier 2 level seats...two tickets....66 bucks added to the total. It must be for their convenience not ours.
  9. I'm not sure if this will help, though the email I was sent by them when I purchased pre-sale tickets came from thankyou@detroitlions.com
  10. i'm on the line, well on hold...trying to call U2 customer support I'd suggest doing the same if you want to try to get it cleared up, I'm not sure what other recourse this is at this point in the day. (1-800-653-8000 , I think it was option 2) Hope it works for you Update - On hold and they're looking to see what they can do (5:25pm) Update - 5:41pm - So U2 customer support tried my code on another concert and that code works although that was going through Ticketmaster not the Ford Field website. I'm going to need to call the venue again and try to get a supervisor it seems 5:55pm Update - Called ford field box office and the 'supervisor' relayed the message that this would indicate that the pre-sale tickets have all sold. I find this very unlikely since I've tried using my code since 1030 am off and on throughout the day, the presale goes til tomorrow, and well the box office closes at 6pm :-/
  11. If you want you can buy parking when the general on sale goes to the public, they won't allow it with the presale but its an option if you are interested either on fordfield.com or through the phone when the public onsale starts
  12. I called Ford Field a representative told me the code is good for one order up to four tickets so it seems there may be a disconnect between how the fan club code should work And how it was implemented for the pre-sale at Ford Field and their website
  13. yea just tried from another computer...no dice still says restricted I've gone to concerts at Ford Field before and used their site for tickets, wasn't a fan before...but now geesh certainly not a fan.
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