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  1. Not in any order... Bullet The Blue Sky New Year's Day Ultraviolet The Fly Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me All I Want Is You Mofo The Unforgettable Fire Until The End of The World Mysterious Ways Honorable mentions to... Out of Control Pride Lemon Please
  2. I wish they would pay tribute to the original tour as well and play more or less the same set list as in 87/89. This is all about nostalgia anyways so why not go all out? I have a feeling they might try to play the album in some kind of sequence, but I'd prefer something like this: Streets I Will Follow Still Haven't Found Angel of Harlem Trip Through Your Wires God Part II Gloria MLK Unforgettable Fire Red Hill Mining Town (can't wait to see how this turns out) In God's Country Sunday Bloody Sunday Exit One Tree Hill Bad Electric Co October New Years Day Pride Bullet the Blue Sky Running to Stand Still Silver and Gold/Spanish Eyes (pick one) Desire With or Without You Mothers of the Disappeared All I Want Is You Out of Control/Party Girl 40 I fit in all of TJT as best as I could, but I do want to hear a few R&H songs too! In the end I'm just happy to be seeing them, I'll be satisfied no matter what.
  3. I'm 28 now, been a fan since I first heard Mysterious Ways on the radio as a kid. Eventually bought all their albums, didn't get to see them in concert until 360 Tour, went to Foxborough 9/20/09 and then East Rutherford 7/20/11 which somehow managed to top the first show. Missed the last tour but I'm going back to East Rutherford again for the 6/28 show. Don't plan on ever missing a tour ever again either, who knows how long they will keep this up!
  4. I only purchased 2 tickets out of my allotted 4. Can I give the code to my friend so that he may purchase the other 2 tickets? There won't be any mix up will there?
  5. Any way we can be refunded for this membership if we were shut out from tickets?
  6. I don't get the obsession with saving Streets for the end of the show, it's not like it's the only epic awesome song they ever did.
  7. I think it would be great if they took it back to the original JT tour, and opened with Streets and the red lit background. I bet people would go nuts. I'm split on whether or not I care if they play the whole album in sequence or not. On a smaller scale, I saw Jenny Lewis do this with her Rabbit Fur Coat anniversary tour, where she opened with the entire album in sequence, took a quick intermission, then did a second set of all different material. It was an amazing show, and the concept really worked well for her.
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