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  1. GA is typically under $100 I've purchased GA both during pre-sales and after the public on-sale with no problem. It depends what you want out of the GA experience. If you want to be close or on the "rail" you will need to be in line all day. If you're okay hanging back but still having a good view then show up when the gates open.
  2. Just be friendly and ask the people in front and behind you if they mind. It's happened to me, and when the others joined the line they made a coffee/food run as a thank you.
  3. Here is gate, security and general info from Rogers Centre: http://mlb.mlb.com/tor/downloads/y2017/u2_event_information.pdf
  4. I am 44, JT30 will be my 8th show. All of mine are Toronto: July 6&7 2015 innocence + experience July 11 2011 360 September 16&17 2009 360 September 14 2005 Vertigo October 27 1997 Popmart
  5. For 360 I got in line around 11am. I got a spot inside the circle one row from the back rail.
  6. Right now it's 60-70% precipitation for Friday, and cloudy. Hoping for a clear evening to the roof will be open.
  7. Hooray for your first show! The gate should show on your ticket, or you might receive an email from the venue with instructions on where to line up closer to the date of the show. Once you get to Rogers Centre though you should be able to find the line easily. I think for 360 it was gate 1.
  8. I have seats for Toronto, credit card entry was my only option.
  9. When I bought mine (via ticketmaster/chrome/on pc) I got 500 level and the option came up to select paperless for delivery. That was my only choice.
  10. For Toronto the "buy on map" feature is active on ticketmaster.ca At least you can get a visible of what's available for today.
  11. I got 500 level on the left side, but row 1. Going with a friend so this is what we agreed on. I would have rather have had level 100 or 200 but didn't want to throw back row one. Keep trying. GA came up for me just 5 mins ago.
  12. Stephanie was fantastic. When she started strumming Angel it was perfect! Then All I Want Is You. I lost it! I've only been to 7 live shows and that was a first for me. So fun to scream out "All I Want Is YOUOOOOOOOO!!!!" Jessica the Belly Dancer made Mysterious Ways so fun. I missed seeing her on night 2. Shine LIke Stars was such a treat. I was 15 rows back in 104 and after Bono said goodnight I thought that was it until he started his walk back and pointed into the crowd on the north side. That person started jumping with their sign and I thought it just might happen. Still can't hear properly yet, but totally, absolutely, 100% worth it.
  13. I got in line yesterday around 1:45. At Gate 2 at the ACC there is long fence running down the middle of the sidewalk one line for the north and one for the south sides. North side was closest to Bay Street. To me the line seemed relaxed. At 4pm ACC staff came out and swiped your credit card (they want ID so have it ready) and put on your wrist band. At this point the whole numbering thing seemed redundant as people either left or turned around and got back in line. We were let in between 5:45 and 6pm. It was a little slow as they only let so many people down the stairs at a time. I got a rail spot a few feet down from the e stage. I was hoping to get rail as I've never done it and wanted to try. I do agree with posters who say that GA is better viewed from further back. I'm going back tonight with a friend and have seats in section 104. I'm looking forward to being able to see the full show and screen.
  14. Looks like Pete242 is correct. According to Twitter the line has started at gate 2. About 8 hrs ago there were 65 people in line.
  15. I haven't seen anything about the type of line. I plan to get in line in the afternoon and just stay. Packing snacks and maybe a paperback to pass the time.
  16. Imagine Dragons is also doing GA, maybe that's the line you saw? Also curious to know what gate the line will start at on Monday. I was hoping there would be an email or post from ACC or Live Nation.
  17. I'm also hoping the stage design means great views on either side for GA. I'm really curious to see so I'll be checking Joe's guide as well as #U2ieTour for pics and comments. Twitter was so helpful to me for my first GA on the 360 tour.
  18. If you're on twitter, follow live nation, live nation Ontario and ticketmaster Canada closer to the show date. They will tweet if tickets are released. I agree with previous poster about parking and local attractions. For 360 my line experience was good. People were friendly, bought food/coffee for each other, saved spots for bathroom or take stuff to your car runs. Inside was the same.
  19. Chrome for the eXPERIENCE presale, but purchased with app on android phone. Chrome yesterday, bur purchased with app.
  20. In the presale I got 2 in section 104 for Toronto 2 at $98 each. My friend who wants to go chose the date and that was all she was willing to pay. Fine with me. I'm not sure about the section and view, but we'll be there and I know she's greatful I was able to get us tickets. I tried my luck for a single GA for Toronto 1 yesterday. After just over 20 minutes with the TM app it worked.
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