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  1. WOW!! It looks exactly as you discribed! Thank you, no worries here anymore πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ just Happy watching/listening
  2. It's just a short freeze - thank you for your help!! I just saw that there's some tiny splinter at the outer edge of the DVD - do you or anyone knows if this matters (hope it does not matter but just like to be kind of sure)?
  3. Thank you I just wasn't sure as it was so like "stop" but might seems so because of the action around it (I'm not 100% sure if it was Elevation but quite sure) thank you for checkingπŸ€—
  4. I have a question, is it normal that while Elevation the DVD freeze/stop for a moment and then goes on?
  5. So happy my gift arrived and was in one piece, 'just' the booklet has some trying-to-fold marks. Is there a possibility to print "do not fold" or "handle with care" on the packages for future gifts? So happy the DVD was not damaged so I could enjoy it beaming myself back into 2018 - thank you so much!!
  6. When you wait all night and at about 1am - Thank you so much Adam!!
  7. watching U2's fb stories again and again...hopeing for some more to be a tiny bit in the sound...
  8. u2start might have people sitting somewhere else than at the show in Mumbai - though I don't know how to share the fb-stories...tech is not my friend...
  9. the posts of u2start with out without you is U2's insta/fb-stories video - if you have any stream/video aside of this pleeease let us know...
  10. Nope, we'll find out anyway... they should know... so please let us in the sound! PLEASE11
  11. was there already the email for the subscibers with presale-code and presale-data? I'm just asking as I had problems in the past receiving subscribers' emails though I have the code on my account-page.
  12. is there a free subscription? (Or any Mixlers, maybe?) Anyway, I really really hope that someone will tape it - maybe U2 or Sirius stream it later for free...here's hope, still...
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