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  1. Hopefully something totally unexpected like on POPmart hahaha BEST ENTRANCE IN HISTORY!!!!
  2. BAHAHAHHA....dark car interiors???seriouly, rock will always be dark, the new album cover is might brighter than theri last one haha, your post is all over themap, are you seriously comparing U2 to Walmart?? Don't forget to take off your tin-foil hat!
  3. Don't worry, they'll be in NYC next year for sure. Also, concerning Meadowlands....where else in the NY area can they play a large 60,000+stadium...its Giants stadium or nothing (baseball won't work, and no indoors either).
  4. Keep in mind those are 'legalized' scalpers....real tix aren't for sale on LiveNation, so no one has N.American tix in their hands yet. http://www.livenation.com/artist/u2-tickets/
  5. I am a paid subscriber, and still have no access to the paid site/user forums. If anyone had this problem fixed, how long did it take, a timeline would benice, especially since tix are already going on sale (this is my free account, my real account is under user name: bizkitgto).
  6. I'm not sure, I'm a little nervous as I haven't received my emial yet, I'm just waiting for direction from the moderators on this site to helpall of us out that may miss our chance to even use our pre-sales.
  7. Right, I think you follow a link and pay thru ticketmaster - do I have this right?
  8. I have the same problem, can access the site (screen goes from sand to black color), can see my pre-sale password on the tour page (no email yet) but I have noaccess to any of the paid member's areas, hence, I have to log on w/a free user account_74615. Does anyone know how long it took for your accounts to get fixed??I hope I can still access the pre-sale site. Oh well, we're all in this together, right?
  9. I'm pretty excited, but nervous due to the fact that my paid subscription won't give me access to the member's area on this site (just out ofcuriosity, how long did it take for people to get their membership's straightened out??) and it seems to be a major problem here with other people too.Anyways, since no tour out west I'm shooting for NYC tix this year (not BC Place, I'm not a fan of indoor shows, you need to see the sky).
  10. Me too, I can sign in, but have no access to any of the member's areas. After I sign in, my screen background goes dark, so I think it is half working,just hope its working properly when the pre-sale happens.
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