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  1. Vote for Scarlet and Your Blue Room! They're languishing in the bottom of the list and totally deserve inclusion!
  2. All I Want Is You Beautiful Day Breathe City Of Blinding Lights Electrical Storm Even Better Than The Real Thing Get On Your Boots Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight Magnificent Miss Sarajevo Moment Of Surrender Mothers Of The Disappeared Mysterious Ways No Line On The Horizon Scarlet Stay (Faraway, So Close!) The Unforgettable Fire Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Where The Streets Have No Name Your Blue Room Zooropa
  3. Whee! They're playing Scarlet!
  4. 1. Even Better Than The Real Thing 2. Beautiful Day / Always (snippet) 3. Mofo 4. Do You Feel Loved 5. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me / Kiss From A Rose (snippet) 6. Fez - Being Born 7. October 8. Drowning Man / Winter (snippet) 9. Get Up Stand Up (snippet) / Stand Up Comedy / I Fall Down (snippet) 10. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 11. One 12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) 13. No Line On The Horizon 14. Wire 15. Gloria 16. Where The Streets Have No Name / Red Light (snippet) 17. Lemon / Moment of Surrender (snippet) 18. Surrender 19. Your Blue Room 20. I Still Haven't Fo
  5. Stay needs to stay. Sure, it's downtempo, but it's a beautiful song and audiences seem to love it. People cheered in Toronto when they played it and sang along with the "oh oh oh oh" part quite loudly. It seems to be one of the few downtempo songs that works. MLK is unnecessary, and no one seemed to get much into it. Bono's voice also seems to falter alot during it. They really need to resurrect Discotheque. Or even Do You Feel Loved. Bono's voice seems to have improved for high notes this tour so far. I think he could pull the song off now. They could even transpose the song down sl
  6. I like MOS on the album, but I seriously doubted its ability to end a concert. Hell, when I first heard the album I thought MOS would be one of those tracks that never even got played. I saw it live in Toronto I and I thought it worked spectacularly. Bono really pulled it off and the music really did mellow me out and give me chills at the same time. The audience also seemed surprisingly receptive to it. My friend who has never even listened to the new album said it's one of her new fave U2 songs ever. I now love it.
  7. Magnificent, if for no other reason than it's the only moderate hit from the album. I think Moment Of Surrender was met with a very positive reaction from the crowd at Toronto I. I think it deserves to stick around for a while. Crazy Tonight may pop up in its traditional album form in the future as well, but only occasionally (think "Stay").
  8. Lady With The Spinning Head Endless Deep Levitate Native Son Scarlet Wire
  9. droo

    Rate the albums...

    Boy: C: This is U2's punkiest album, and I'm not a huge punk fan. I can still recognize that it's pretty decent music here, though. Just not mything. October: D: I only listened to this album once, and then I was done. It's unfocused, and the overt spirituality of it disarms me. War: A: Their first classic, in my opinion. Rocking and hard-hitting, with a clear concept behind the album. Every track has its merits. Some run unnecessarilylong (Surrender, Like A Song) but Drowning Man is an indication of the epic direction they will go in afterwards, and any album with a song like "40"dese
  10. I like many of U2's quieter songs. Grace, Promenade, "40", Tryin To Throw Your Arms Around The World are all spectacular, in my opinion. Idon't like Mothers of the Disappeared, though. I'm sort of an "art bitch" when it comes to films and music. I like the impenetrable and bizarre. My favourite films list is made up of manyfilms that people dislike or find jarring (similar to Bono and his love of Wim Wenders!). I am aware that Zooropa is a very non-radio friendly, and evennon-fan friendly album. It's no surprise that fans tend to ignore it or openly dislike it. But, for me, the sheer depth
  11. That's because Coldplay are just generally terrible.
  12. Oh, I absolutely agree that Boots is a terrible choice for a single. If I am correct in my analysis of the song, the subtle hidden irony is not going to bepicked up on by non-U2 fans and indeed give them fodder for disliking U2, and kill album sales of NLotH in a world where the reality is people simply don'tbuy much music anymore. Magnificent or Breathe need to be cranked out as radio singles ASAP, to wash Boots out of the public consciousness. It's the only chance this album'ssales have.
  13. Yes, and I have provided you with a justification of my Zooropa love and a defence of Boots in the other thread. Have a gander and tell me what ya think.
  14. Zooropa is indeed my favourite U2 album. I own the entire U2 discography and do enjoy them all (except for Atomic Bomb and October). I'm not missing out onanything. I find it overall more artistically exciting than any other U2 album. The Joshua Tree has some beautiful songs on it (Where The Streets Have No Namehas been a fave song of mine since I was four years old) but there are some underwhelming tracks on it (Mothers of the Disappeared, Exit, Trip Through YourWires). Same thing with Achtung. I think people tend to focus on the singles from those albums and forget that the non-singles w
  15. Boots has grown on me, and I love Stand Up's groove. I just can't get past the all-around awfulness of the whole "reboot yourself" and"shush now" stuff on Unknown Caller. It'd be able to overlook the cheesy if the music itself was exciting, but Unknown Caller's musicisn't good either. I stand by my assessment of the song. It's a turkey.
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