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  1. lol ,u2 are a good band but not worth paying $50 to join this site and the money for a ticket as well, its a rip off , i would rather take my chances onfriday getting ticket but not fussed if i dont get 1, regarding ebay all the mods (u2) have to do it get in touch with ebay and say they want all ticketsremoved simple as that , and they will have to remove them ,glastonbury did it years ago ,so can these, just makes my mad seeing tickets going for loads onebay and come friday when all tickets are sold out they will be hundreds if not thousands on ebay going for stupid prices
  2. so the mods on here removed the presale links on ebay Why, when real fans who dont want to pay $50 to get join this site might of bought the links to gettickets ,so its wrong to sell pre sale links on ebay but its ok for touts to sell tickets on ebay , the mods on here say they will remove them, yer right iwill believe that when i see it , but supprise supprise nothing has been done, as the touts are still selling tickets that have been on ebay for 2 days now ,orare these mods ON HERE the real touts ?
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