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  1. RED ZONE We did the Red Zone at Nashville and also Atlanta . Have done the Red Zone multi times (15 times plus.) Have to say that they have totally oversold these areas and more packed in than being GA.? We have always enjoyed the Red Zone and were able to move around. We do it because it is a cause we believe in and also my wife is short and appreciates the Room. The two shows we attended , we had to leave RZ and go into GA area to breathe and see. One of the reasons that we lost space was there is a line you will notice on the GA floor which is approximately 5 foot from the seats they keep clear the whole show since Edge and Adam’s small stages have to be set up and they enter and exit. Only trouble is you have to stand on the inside of this line for the whole show and can only use it to go in and out. The space loss is large. Just giving a heads up. We were surprised at home many people were in RZ and no room to move.
  2. you should be good, Continue to recheck it. There are others that went from green to red overnight ...
  3. it might not to you, maybe because you are "verified" . I want to see the new show , it will still be cheaper this way than on the secondary market. I will have a code the day it goes on sale ( hopefully) otherwise , I sit with nothing and taking a chance. I will continue to make calls and dispute ...later. But for now, I do not have many options. Duh ... we all are trying to make this work , replying in a condescending manner is not appreciated. SBECK
  4. Just to reply, I upped in Sept and had to do it again yesterday to get "verified" I have seen where the mods (who do a fantastic job) tell us to contact customer service... I did send an email to customer service (never answered and same as previous times in the past where have sent emails To them that were never answered) and made two calls where I literally wanted to throw my phone against the wall. I was told by TWO different customer support reps that " no renewal, no presale code" there was absolutely nothing I could say to get past this roadblock. I "re-upped" the 40$ does piss me off? YES ! but not as much as the stress of fighting and not being able to get tickets. Is it wrong to do this to fans? Absolutely. I have a feeling this presale will surpass the queuing debates by a long shot. ☹️
  5. Can't say this is not an incredibly frustrating experience all around. Been a looooong time member and just renewed my subscription late September. I went onto the page and states I am not verified ? I never used the codes associated with the new subscription... Just sent another 40$ after getting absolutely no where with phone calls to customer service. I was told no renewal, no codes! I still have not received any gift from the last renewal.? Seems like Ticketmaster / Live Nation are fleecing the fans again. I really want to believe the band has no idea this is going on but... We are being told that they are doing this to keep tickets out of the hands of scalpers and bots? Who are they kidding? When Ticketmaster has a scalper resale site only to take another cut of an already sold ticket! The fans get tickets they cannot trade, resale if plans changed since they purchased six months in advance , but the scalpers have tickets that can be resold without issue. The verified fan issue is a slippery slope for the fans, the artists and TM just make a ton more ! Like the other "verified " artists, soon it will be another $40 renewal, plus purchase of the album, and where in order to qualify for a chance , not a guarantee as they always state, we will also be told in order to increase chances for tickets , to buy multi copies of the album, tour items just to accumulate points to have a higher priority to get a ticket.? As fans , we already buy fan club membership, we love to get items at the show, we spend tons of money already because we love the group. My wife is a fan of an artist that just changed over to,this "verified" fan access and went through the album purchase, bought a shirt, has been a fan club member. Received a presale code and was online right away. She only had opportunity to purchase tickets in the 200 level upper tiers! Really? Immediately after the brokers had tons of lower level and "fan" tickets for sale. The U2 membership gave us codes to use for presales, if we want to spread this out for more than one show, will it let us? Only one code for one venue? That is what happened to my wife. One code for one venue, that's it! Most of us will go to a couple of shows and we spend tons of cash . I know we have no shows near us this tour and will do so. Now, we have to wait for a text that may not be received the morning of the sale. In the past , we had the codes safely tucked away in our profiles to be used as we liked . Now , we will wait for a text message . What possibly could go wrong? I love this this band like no other, we all do, but really am disillusioned with all the changes.
  6. i see what you are saying, it is good when they are at the end but certainly not as close when they are up front with the show. thx for pointing that out. I had only see the other diagrams and this is certainly more complete. wonder if this is just for the SAP show... Below is the one I have seen at the chicago and NYC where I have Red zone
  7. absolutely right. I think the red zone will IMO be the best choice. It certainly was last tour, although we did the rail in Raleigh and Atlanta
  8. it is main stage, but this year with the long stage queing will be much nicer. As with the multi shows attended last tour, red zone was let in same time as the GA and you had option to que on the rail . I did both with red zone and found red zone access and ease to roam without pushing against you was a great thing. Plus, the wife is vertically challenged and will enjoy the show more. I do know though of all the 50+ u2 shows I have seen, GA is the best no matter where you stand. Nothing like it the the seats cannot come close to. Enjoy, do not worry about the red zone area, you are golden
  9. there is a sep enterance if it is anything like the last tour. You are let in the venue right when the ga are let in. we were red zone but had access to the rail right in front of the band. Stage is much different this year so not really sure ghow the GA crowd will pool to what area. red zone certainly was worth it , esp if you do not like to que for hr for a spot. also was a lot of room to move and not have a crush of peeople. We are red zone chicago night one, ga for night two
  10. Going both nights Red Zone day one , GA DAY two. Can't wait
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