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  1. Got Tickets for London and Croke!! Yes!!! Ga for London and a seat for croke!!
  2. ouch oh well.... just about my luck! LOL thanks anyways! x
  3. Hello, I am desperately looking for some help.... I have some of the fan club cd's but despite emailing I still have some missing, u2 fan club cd's and I am desp looking for a couple and was wondering if any members could help... or point mein the write direction?! I have recieved U2 - U2.Communication (2005) U2 - Medium, Rare & Remastered (2009) U2 - Artificial Horizon (2010) So the one's I am looking for are the Zoo tv live Sydney album and the slade go home fan club edition? if anyone could help... as well as let me know what the heck happened with m
  4. Any word on the above post???
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