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  1. Finally got a DHL update. In the last 6 days, my CD has now traveled all the way from Austin, TX to Houston, TX...amazing! Even better, to travel a few states over to the southeast (where I am), it's only supposed to take 6 more days. Yes, I realize that's only 4 business days, but still... I tried to contact both DHL and OneLiveMedia earlier today to find out what was going on, and not sure if that had any impact or not. I'm guessing not. Both deferred to the other, and the OneLiveMedia reply was particularly laughable: "If you have not received your order within the next few wee
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. Mine was coming from Austin too (on the 29th), and based on no tracking updates (USPS still awaiting package), it appears it may still be there! (which is kind of a problem for me since I don't live in Austin) DHL is clearly addressing the situation today, though, no longer does it say December 2nd as the expected delivery day, now there is no expected delivery day indicated...
  3. My delivery did not happen today, as the email / initial estimate (DHL) indicated. I was kind of expecting this, though, since the shipment status had not been updating when I first posted, nor since. So don't necessarily trust shipping notification emails as a sign of definite progress either...
  4. For those not aware, there's a somewhat similar "experience" (sorry...hard to find a better word!) now on Amazon Music that includes commentary on some of the new songs (as well as old): Side by Side with U2.
  5. I got a shipping notification email for my CD two days ago...was wondering if others got the same. It's not been updating (location etc) and still showing Saturday, not tomorrow, as the delivery day. My tickets were through AXS not Tickemaster.
  6. Even if there were data, I guess the other problem is establishing agreed upon expectations, or even harder the actual terms. The subscription offers / ads seem to use similar soft language: "first access", "first in line", "exclusive window". All of which can be true, of course, and still not mean anything. Did everyone notice how Mr. Oseary made the point to put the FIRST of "first in line" in all caps when he was mentioning but not addressing Citi?! Yes, I did in fact have my own first access in an exclusive Innocence window that ordinary Citi and Verified Fan buyers did not. The
  7. Yeah, with all those prime expensive seats left all around the tour (except Montreal), we're probably all more inclined to expect something like that to actually happen!
  8. I saw GA (searching for 2) in Atlanta for Citi when there none the day prior for my Innocence search. The Innocence search was the very second the sale opened, the Citi search was a few minutes late. It was easy to form conclusions, and certainly the fact is that additional GA were released. However, luck/timing clearly still are a factor. Someone else here posted being able to get GA for Atlanta during Innocence (when I was unable). Also, immediately after I saw Citi GA, they disappeared again. Finally, I saw GA again during the first seconds of the verified "public" sale. They too dis
  9. GA in Atlanta is paper / barcode scan with E-ticket (PDF email upon purchase to print your own) option to avoid a $5 mailed ticket charge.
  10. See my post right above See my post directly above. Hmm...I wonder if the "U2" email I received was only because my venue wasn't Ticketmaster, or if all ticket buyers will eventually get that email and option (which includes digital).
  11. Well that was fast... Just got an email from "U2" (some onelivemedia.com email address) with download link and codes for each ticket - CD or digital (beginning only Dec 1). According to the email, you can forward the additional ticket codes (beyond your own) to applicable friends, family, etc (just one code per ticket obviously). Have only followed the link, not actually ordered, but certainly appears official, and assuming it will work...
  12. No email here yet, but ticketing was through AXS so probably why the delay as mentioned above. Isn't there supposed to be choice between digital download or CD?
  13. Based on the seating availability right now (still Citi presale), all non-$329 sections are apparently sold out (one other section does show up for single ticket, but not for pair). That's assuming no additional tickets are released for the public sale, though. 13 of the 14 $329 sections do still have seats. Can't really tell how many with the AXS ticketing system, but with seats around 15 rows from the floor sitting there unsold, probably still a fair amount left. But surely many more customers yet to participate too. I would have thought the Citi presale group might have been enough to
  14. Thanks amenaqut. I did see GA available today also through the Citi presale. For the Innocence presale, in my case at least, I was doing everything the same way as you, just no GA showed up for me then. Not that that's completely unexpected, I guess, but finding "new" GA's this morning for Citi was certainly a surprise.
  15. Excellent point. Not that this helps much, but just curious: does anyone know how many paid/eligible presale fans there are...is there a total membership count posted?
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