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  1. I've looked for this info but can't find it, does any know which UK retailers were valid for the pre-sale code? I've found a post where it says 'UK retailers' but not which retailers? I pre-ordered mine from Amazon. Thanks in advance!
  2. The Croke Park hotel for me, will probably only be able to eat beans between now and then to pay for it, but life is for living and we only get one shot so f**k it is what I say!
  3. No pitch 2 showing available, pitch 1 is though. Seats in block 306, 331 and the rear stand. I wanted RZ or Pitch 2 but couldn't get either at 9am this morning, so went for seats instead, just happy to be there, gonna cost a fortune but don't care. i was 16 when I saw the original concert in 87 so I'm over the moon to actually get to Dublin for the 30th anniversary show, amazing!
  4. Got my tickets, hopefully, took a screenshot whilst waiting for the email confirmation haha... Fingers crossed...
  5. nellyb

    UK presale?

    I'm sat in some sort of waiting room apparently...
  6. Oh, I can't see that, I'm on a mobile tho & had real difficulties even getting it load properly... I'll refresh & try again, all I can see is 4 different packages as coming soon, nothing about fan club tickets. Thanks, I'll try again. It's the AXS site I'm on.
  7. Haven't had an email but can see the code in my u2 account. The London page only shows packages as being possible at the moment, I'm guessing the bog standard tickets will appear at 10?
  8. The credit card I'll use expires before the concert takes place, what happens then? I have to keep the original card or they'll be happy with the replacement card?
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