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  1. $716 for a pair of tickets? I am dumbfounded. Who pays more than $350 a ticket for 3 hours of performance? In Washington, the only tickets offered that were not $350 are behind the stage or in the 400's. No GA. Very disappointing, and there are already an enormous number of tickets on offer on Craigslist, and all the ticket scalping sites, so I'm assuming the Fan Verified Ticketmaster was not the only way tickets were sold.
  2. was trying to buy tickets to MSG Saturday, never even saw GA Floor as an option. Selected Floor Seating as that was the only floor option mentioned, app bombed inside the browser with the following message: bbaresvcb({"password_changed":null,"third_party":null,"failure_info":{"session_timer_expired":1},"suppress_countdown_clock":0});
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