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  1. I need one, I just sent you a PM, thank you
  2. Hello U2 fans: Anyone have any room in their vehicle for two coming from queens NY to the show on 6/29, my friend and I plan on being at the stadium early, please pm me if we can hitch a ride with somone. We are willing to split costs. thank you everybody
  3. Hello everybody, I need one GA for a big U2 fan and friend, me and my other buddy are going to be at the venue by 10:00 a.m. Please pm me if anyone has an extra for Thursday and be there early. thank you raiderlimon
  4. If anyone has an extra GA they want to sell, please let me know, I wanted to get my brother a ticket for his birthday, but in light of the credit card entry only, I cannot buy one for him, since I live in NY. If anyone wants to sell one, please contact me direct through here. Thank you everybody
  5. tickets through the fan club cannot be re-sold, if one has a group, all that group must be there together.
  6. My friend and I got passes for this wonderful 4 day music experience, I am only going because U2 is going to be part of it, but there are many other bands and things to do there...
  7. Tier 1 is simply a certain amount for early bird, the great thing about this pass, one can pay it in payments and the pass costs about 370 for Four Days. As the time gets closer, they might releasd daily pasess, which will cost less, but I am planning on going all four days. I also love the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. There are no seats, it is a four day festival on a 700 acre farm and does not ever sell out.
  9. Thanks, it would be nice to have a big group of us set up something. I already got my pass, so lets get a big group of U2 fans go to Manchester. Thank you again.
  10. For deiivery via phone, I was only givin the credit card entrance, no mail or will call, did anybody only get this one delivery option? Can I get a hard ticket?
  11. I got my two GA via app on the phone, computer no dice, but I was not given the option for a hard ticket? CC entrance was the only thing available, did anyone else get this.
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