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  1. Still there (at 16:20pm on Wednesday) From link on U2 website, 1st option Once Standing selected you get the option in ticket type
  2. How many people do you think would have just joined a few weeks ago or even the last year? Chances are numbers have been reducing year on year. The difference between members from 15years to 2 years might only be a few thousand. What is guaranteed is that U2's management know the exact figures.
  3. For some of the shows... Collector Tickets Exclusive Collector Tickets are available for this event! Buy a limited edition Collector Ticket which gives you access to the event thanks to its unique barcode. For only an additional €5.95 per ticket, you will receive a special plastic credit card sized 'Collector Ticket' with lanyard to keep and treasure as a mememto of the event. Collector Ticket artwork may vary from artwork shown here
  4. I had a panic moment as didn't want to slow down and lose the tickets and was totally unaware until the options came up - there was no obvious 'bus from Glasgow' option for example. Also noticed that there will be an option (maybe tomorrow) offering presale if you purchase fan club membership with the order.
  5. Think they will play for approx. 20mins then descend into darkness and as the red/orange lights come up, play the whole JT album in order - then leave the stage and return for an encore or 2.
  6. Depending on the performance - sometimes they started with Streets, in others they walked on with the lights still full up, with John Lennon's version of Stand By Me on the PA - they joined in and then faded out the JL version and finished the song.
  7. Took my son to POPMART tour at Murrayfield, Edinburgh, when he was 5. We actually had GA but you were allowed access to seating, which we used - he did get tired near the end. I can still remember him saying - "Is that them in real life?" when the band took to the stage.
  8. From Ticketmaster UK website:- National Express coach travel for U2 at Twickenham Stadium 8th July 2017. If you have purchased travel with National Express coaches Ticketmaster UK will send you an email with instructions of how to redeem your coach tickets. This will include a link to a dedicated page on the National Express website from which you are to confirm your coach seats. The deadline to book your travel is 17th June 2017. Failure to book your coach tickets by this deadline may result in you being unable to use this service. Disclaimer: National Express will deliver the coach el
  9. Offering was from ticketmaster as part of official sale - was a list of 10 choices when selecting tickets - was being sold as a bundle
  10. Was surprised when purchasing tickets for Twickenham that I was given the option of coach travel but couldn't find any details of pickup points - anyone know the details for this?
  11. ALT + PrtSc then paste into email/message
  12. From the link from U2.com I did not need to enter my code if choosing Red Zone
  13. Red Zone looks as if is a standing area on one side of the stage Here is the London layout (small stage is shaped like Joshua Tree)
  14. They opened with Streets on the original JT tour for some of the shows - and personally think it was the best opening ever - so all is possible
  15. There is a new 3 day festival run by DF Concerts taking place on Glasgow Green which is set to run from July 7 to 9 as a replacement for T in the Park - so there will be a stage available the same weekend as London so only need to move equipment - you heard it here 1st folks
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