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  1. Yea I agree completely. I think people need to get the message to the band that they have lost their way with the fan club. We should be getting a lot more value for what we pay. I will say that the streaming of the E and I gig in 4k is a big plus and if the zoo tv gig is in hd or 4k then that does show that they are at least making some improvements.
  2. My faith is restored! In fairness this is a good response. On demand streaming and in 4k too is a good solution so the band have taken the feedback on board. Fair play to the staff here too who must have passed this on and no doubt helped.
  3. I have no issues with the creative output of the band. I actually think SOE was their strongest album since All That You Can't Leave Behind. I really liked SOI too. I just think the promotion and marketing was dreadful. The Blackout was crying out to be the first single. Best Thing is a dud in its recorded form (live version is much better). They were performing this and American Soul in the build up to the release of SOE and these are two of the weakest tracks on the album. The band looked tired and under rehearsed during these performances. When they performed 'Get Out of Your Own Way' at th
  4. I am... Believe me but I really am wondering why can't the band take their finger out and provide their loyal fans with a better service. It is not much to ask the when gift are announced that they are available in suitable formats and shipping arrangements made. Crap service like this is driving fans away and the band really needs to take their finger out - the fanbase is dwindling and aging. The last album only went into the Uk charts at number 5 so a serious overhaul of this site is required or U2 is going to become an afterthought
  5. Any update on shipping... This is quite poor from the band and they really need to step up a bit here. Offering a DVD to fans instead of a digital download is also fairly questionable.
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