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  1. I'm just gonna go for London and then when Dublin is announced just gonna hope for the best in the general sale. If London is getting 4 gigs, so should Dublin. 3Arena I reckon. From U2.com tours FAQ: Q - If I don't use my presale ticketing access code in presales for shows announced on December 3rd, will the code still be valid for use if/when other 2015 dates are announced - such as the Dublin shows, details of which are still to be revealed ?A - Yes. Your un-used presale ticketing access code will be valid to use in further shows announced for 2015.[/size] Nice one...Cheers!
  2. Any Irish members wondering if the same dates for an "experience" membership will be used when the Dublin dates are announced......Or will all the new subscribers have the same rights? Hard to know whether to try and use the code for London or hope we don't lose our privleges by waiting for Dublin! What to do?
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