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  1. I am sure there is a problem with the Miami page. It says GA seats and the price is $100 higher than other venues and there are no tickets available since 9:05am. It's usually easy to get ticket in presales and in stadiums even more.
  2. Looks like they are rehearsing the whole Boy Album!
  3. There are literally hundreds of tickets on the resale for NY#6 just 25 minutes after the public on sale. They don't even try to hide it.
  4. Yes there is always s 2 minute delay, I also think they do something ticky there. After those 2 minutes no tickets were available in any section according to the webpage. The mobile App looked for tickets for 10 minutes and then came up only with resale tickets. Go figure
  5. It would be great to find a way to exchange tickets. I just hear in the Edge interview that night #1 and night #2 are going to be very different shows. I got GA tickets for night #3 and night #5 in New York, so I will be looking for a way to exchange it for a night #2, #4 or #6.
  6. It would be awesome and a special nod to their fans. They could do one in the States and another one in Europe. I think they could do it someday but not right now in the eve of an upcoming tour.
  7. Hello, maybe ticketmaster was offering you Red Zone tickets that are in the floor and priced at $300.
  8. Seeing GA's going for $1,200 each it makes me sick to my stomach. I remember on the Vertigo Tour seeing GA's for resale $400 tops. For this tour very few are around $500 and most of them higher than $800, unbelievable.
  9. I hope they add more dates so the people trying to resale tickets can't sell them. I can't believe the prices they are charging. For one of the NY concerts Ticketmaster is reselling a couple of GA at $1,200 each!! That's is just absurd and stupid.
  10. do you think they will ad more night for NY and Boston today or will they do it another day?
  11. The App is the way to go. Definetely no GA's for NY August 23. I tried looking for any Price and there are still good seats available. my laptop keep spining for the las hour and half, it's just useless.
  12. I just waiting that they include other nights for NY. I keep searching for u2 in the TM until they appear.
  13. Nothing here. The App told me that there were no available GA. On the web page it started in waiting tiime 10 minutes, when it got to 1 minute it went back to 15 minutes and has stayed there for 5 minutes. Same history as always for ticketscalper.com
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