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  1. Yes, I have issues with Disc 1. While in my Technics CD Player, Disc 1 was skipping around during "The Troubles" and Disc 1 was skipping during "Invisible" within my PC's disc player. Will report this problem via https://www.u2.com/help .
  2. For those in section 124 or any other obstructive sections, you may request an upgrade if you're early and there are still other open tickets available. Visit one of the 'guest services' sections at MetLife. There is one within section 124. Was upgraded to section 142 for MetLife 1. See photos for point of views.
  3. Tried to get RZ in the 'Wires' group for Metlife at 9am. There were none available along with GA. Went with a pair in section 124, row 15 for $70/ticket plus fees. Confirmation mentioned credit card entry for these seats.
  4. si4u2

    RZ at MSG

    I did RZ - North side, MSG night 5 (Sunday). I received a helpful tip from the women from Denver that they were heading straight to the GA rail section instead of the RZ rail. They spotted the catwalk rail on the South side while I did that on the North side. After taking up the catwalk spot, the RZ North side main stage rail filled up fast, maybe 10 spots. Before we were allowed to go in, the Denver women won the backstage raffle but turned it down because they didn't want to lose their potential rail spot. A nice fellow from Uruguay won with the next picked number. I spoke to a guy
  5. From Sec 111, Row 15, Seat 20, night 2 MSG. Not the best of angles but the center screen was visible and acceptable to me. Show was still phenomenal. You'll have a better view angle from Sec 110.
  6. Tickets in section 224 and 226 (@ MSG) are $312.40 per ticket, fees included. Was earlier offered section 227, row 16 (July 19) for $118.35/ticket. Seemed like the last row in the corner 200's section. Threw them back and finally got section 111, row 15 for $86.05/ticket. It's behind the stage but I'm fine with that.
  7. Try your phone app. After an hour of frustration via the web browsers, I got a GA for MSG night 3 @ 11:12AM EST via the phone app.
  8. 'Internal error' code happen to me too. Had 1 GA in the cart for night 3 @ MSG. Also tried to get 1 GA for MSG's night 4. At 10:14, there were none available. If this is bad, wait till Monday morning. Ticketmaster blows! /* 10:26 AM EST */ Now I'm getting this from ticketmaster web site by entering my code without getting any ticket: "Please double-check your offer code/password and try again!"
  9. http://u2.evenko.ca/en/news#news2 As stated in that web site: . Tickets released for July 17, 2010 will be honoured on July 9, 2011 I have high regards to your ? 'cause I'm also going that night. Enjoy the night!
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