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  1. Thanks much for this info. This seems to be saying you can show up and get a wristband and leave and come back? I'm not sure I have much faith in people actually getting back into the correct spots in line if this is the case. I did not experience that working very well on the 360 tour. In Nashville they numbered folks' hands and wouldn't let people stand in line due to the extreme heat. Then was kind of a joke trying to get the line actually together before the gates opened. I do understand that there should be way less in GA for this tour than at the stadiums on 360.
  2. Got two GA to night two in San Jose on iphone App. Nothing for night one so far on either app or desktop.
  3. Forgot to add I went through the link from the Tours page.
  4. Wow. Was expecting the worst based on what I read. But got two GA to 5/30 at the Forum almost instantly. Only hiccups were when I forgot to enter credit card code, etc. Must have gotten the kinks worked out. I'm a longtime subscriber since Propaganda days, so do miss the 4 ticket allotment. But can't complain otherwise.
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