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  1. Agreed, worst pre-sale experience to date for me. I&E I got what I wanted both nights at the ACC. This is entirely unacceptable.
  2. Downloaded the TM app to my phone and NOTHING!!!
  3. I'm trying to buy one or two GA's and am getting nowhere! Just the same unable to process message each time. I've cleared my cache etc. Not pleased at the moment...
  4. "We were unable to process your request" Over and over.... Fuuuuuuuu
  5. Best view in GA is from around the boards anyways. I left my spot a few times to walk over to the catwalk, took 5-6 pics total. Mehhh.
  6. Just got off the phone with TM, no GA's left from the drop.
  7. Damnit... Anything left? I'm not seeing anything. Just want one for my Mum as I'm already down there. Maybe I'll try calling the box office when it opens at 9am
  8. I thought the sound was poor... and where was the bass? In 1987 the floor of CNE stadium shook with Streets opening... But I'd put the show (sound aside) as one of top 3-4 I've seen of theirs. Back in GA tonight for show #31. If anyone has a spare GA I'd love to take my Mum. She's been to 3-4 shows, even front row for Pop Mart lol
  9. Got a GA for each night just had to hit search again a dozen times for each night and be patient.
  10. Got a GA for each night in Toronto in under ten minutes. Fairly painless. I love doubleheaders! Shows 27 & 28 for me...
  11. Joshua Tree Unforgettable Fire All That You Can't Leave Behind Achtung Baby War In no particular order as I could never rank them really.
  12. I understand that the tour will last until late 2010...
  13. Oh they are people out to make money besides the mgmt. Enter "U2 code" in an ebay search and look at the asking prices... $299, $499, $599, $475, $499... Godusesu2 - I too am from Toronto and turning 38 on Sept. 30th, happy neighbourly birthday, it'll be my 12th show in 24 years I believe.
  14. Sure I let my membership lapse after 2005 but I've been a fan for twenty-five years! Look at the fools coming out of the wood work to make a dime: No links to auction / tout sites please I had posted a link to Craigslist where a guy was asking $2000 for his early purchase code... UGH...
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