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  1. Great second show. My daughter loved it and so did I !!
  2. Hey Everyone - My daughter (Olivia) is coming with me on Wednesday night - she has been a fan since SOI came out! Loves RBW and American Soul but also everything else! I think it's going to blow her mind in a great way! Liv is 8 and I am 48! She was born 7 days before my 40th Birthday.. I looked on Friday at Manchester but could not see any children's shirts. Liv absolutely loves her Raised By Wolves shirt - anyone know if there is anything there we can get? I really can't believe I have 4 children, first saw the band in 1985 and now my third born is coming with me for her first ever show!!!! She's picking the outfit to go with her Raised by Wolves shirt already!!!
  3. Very well put Kev, I feel the same. For Vertigo 05 Tour we lined up from 11.00 at Manchester (ETIHAD Stadium) with our fan club GA tickets and were about 100 in line I should think... By the time we got into the stadium, the front section was already full from fans coming in from other entrances... Now, they may have been fan club members but surely there should be a specific entry point for members ahead of other fans? Or does the fan club just mean paying extra for tickets ?! I felt guilty for writing my post because it felt so disloyal !! But I do not think it's me - after all, we are the long time fans paying and giving them " a great life"! I feel really sad about it - I think it's part of the reason I see Pearl Jam as more of the band I love now - when up to 2004 it had been U2 since I was 13.....Sad really but they are still amazing and making incredible albums which PJ has not done for over a decade in truth..... Just lost the people touch and it's definitely since Paul McGuinness retired... They know what LiveNation do too.. I feel sad but I won't stop being a member or going to see them or buying their music. I don't however, defend them so much from the haters like I used to. Oh well - bring on the Tour, it'll be brilliant no doubt! Better be, I could've taken my 4 kids on holiday for what I will end up paying to see them 4 times!!
  4. I think it ought to be simple. You are either renewing your membership every year without a break and therefore a longtime, loyal fan (even when no tours are happening). Or you are a more recent fan - say within the last Year. If you are not a registered member at the point the tour is announced you cannot sign up for presages. Just as has been said above. Allowing people to sign up for membership when the tour is announced (common practice) just adds $50 to a pair of tickets and allows less loyal fans a crack at presales. Bands like Pearl Jam have it right. You are allocated seats at the venue based on your membership number (which you get when you sign up) so fair. If you are not a registered fan club member when the tour announcement happens then you don't get fan club pre sales. Rewards the long term fan, encourages fans to keep up their membership even when there are no tours. I'm long term member of both as U2 and PJ are my favourite bands and I just don't get why people don't keep their memberships to be honest. Well, don't keep them and then complain when they get consequences. We get enough emails reminding us our membership is about to run out so it must be a choice not to re subscribe.. Sorry - I sound a bit grouchy ! Not meant to...
  5. I noticed that as a long time (since 1992) and now "experience" member - the best seats available at the O2 London, within 1 minute of first resale were in Block 110 and then the rear quarter blocks until they sold out. I looked at Ticketmaster and the "VIP Party" packages had all the best seats Thursday morning and STILL do. For £295 per ticket you can sit in Block 110 The Gold Hot Ticket Package For £465.75 per ticket you can sit in Row H of Block 112 The VIP Party Package For £506.75 per ticket you can sit in Row P of Block 112 The Premium VIP Part Package Various "complementary" drinks and nibbles are also included. Along with laminates and very exciting merchandise item... "Is this roc n roll?!! Is this rock n roll?! is this rock n roll?!"...... Now, in 2015 my fan club tickets were in Row H in Block 112 and I was very excited about being up close but when we got to the venue we were told due to the "production" we had to be moved to new seats.... In Block 110... I wonder why that was.... Don't get me wrong, seen them 26 times (Red Zone 5 times, been to Europe blah blah....all since 1984) and already have tickets in GA and Red Zone for London & Manchester.... But really, holding back the best seats from your long time fans for the corporate customers - seats which are available TODAY just does seem to confirm it about the dollar not the fan / band experience... I remember Bono talking on Radio 1 in 1992 about how he was not going to do what other bands do - bend over to be sponsored by coca cola or pepsi etc... IS THIS ROCK N ROLL? Watch less TV Boys - Remember why you started and remember who matters most.
  6. Guys, I didn't see a show / city specific shirt. I'm going again tonight - anyone else see one at Twickenham last night?!
  7. Ok, what would can he say that would unite people? Just curious.... Clearly anything anyone says is never agreed with by everyone. Please let me know. I'm really interested. Genuinely. Love and Peace.
  8. TJT has always been political.... Does it matter if they voice their views? It is kind of the point of the album and the new (old) Tour!!
  9. I also think it is a shame for no Arizona show. Sometimes commerce overpowers sentiment I guess. I would have thought of all the places, there would have been a desert show.
  10. Both Nights at Wembley Stadium.... Saturday was my favourite night.
  11. Same here, completely different experience this time after last week and yesterday. Code asked for from the start , no fannying around with store fronts and road signs, straight in and boom! Couldn't believe how easy it was, 3 minutes and it was done. Now to get the flights booked. Excellent ! Glad you got them too!
  12. Just got 2 tickets in the second phase of pre sales. This time it prompted in the Red Zone drop down for either a Red Hill or Wires pre sale and code.... Perhaps they pulled RZ tickets from sale yesterday to do that? Seems strange they didn't release these links until 9.00 this morning , at the start of the Wires pre sale. Didn't really give advantage to the legacy fan club members but I got mine. Glad I took the gamble yesterday not to buy standing and hope for more red zone.... Bring on the Summer!!!
  13. Hi Max - just scored 2 RZ for Twickenham for the Sunday!! Thanks for all your help yesterday... It looks like they changed the method of sale because the system asked for a Red Hill or Wires pre sale code this morning for red zone... It didn't last week or yesterday. So that is good. Maybe that's where a load of RZ tickets went yesterday? They got pulled off sale to do it using codes because my tickets for the 8th I didn't have to use my code? If that makes sense?!!! Anyway - thanks a lot -- I think you guys do superb job in actually answering questions on the boards so good on you! Warren.
  14. OK - will do thanks for coming back to me Max. Paris is saying event is not on sale - Twickenham never seemed to have any from 9.00 this morning. Should I just give up and hope for the best tomorrow / public sale? Or maybe cut losses and get a pair of GAs?!! First time I have had trouble in many Years of buying (going back to buying by post!) so no complaints here - just want to get Red Zone really...
  15. Not working for me Big Wave? Sold out? Seems to have been tough at Twickenham today too for RZ?
  16. Yep - I couldn't get any at 9.02.... Member since 93..... Never mind... I keep believing something will work itself out....
  17. Got none... Shame - was on at 9.00 and there were never any RZ for sale. No big deal but sad for my friend who has come with me since 93. I've been going since 85 and this is the first time I have not been able to get what I hoped for. No complaints from me. Seems strange but there it is!
  18. Completely agree... Great post. Half Full all the way! I didn't luck out when I got my tickets this week. I worked out where the RZ tickets were likely to be within TM when the sale started. It was a guess but a guess I made the night before the pre sale. But more important than that, if my guess had been wrong, I'd have been happy with anything to get into the London show.... Like I said, I can remember not being able to even get into Wembley Stadium with a ticket for the Saturday show in 1987.... I did get in in the end though..... I also remember many other tours where I had to compromise just to be in the building or go to a different show which was less popular...
  19. If you paid 78 pounds. you didn't get red zone... No I paid £275 per ticket ....
  20. No issues getting Red Zone at Twickenham for me. I logged into U2.com , clicked link to Ticketmaster. I could see no RZ specific but clicked on GA Standing and waited for pre sale to start. When the pre sale started I clicked on select ticket type and Red Zone was offered straight up. All done by 9.02. Sorry for all you guys that missed out because it wasn't absolutely clear - but I could see there was a red zone on the floor plan and in the blurb in the standing section so I guessed there would be an option once the sale started. If there hadn't been I would have been happy to buy in GA or a seat. In 1987 at Wembley I got Friday tickets in the post but Saturday was a complete lock out. I walked the stadium all day trying to get a ticket off a tout but couldn't afford anything (I was 17) and there were loads of forgeries around... The fan club does well to get us in --- U2 are massive and just being in the building is worth the fanclub cost. I know - as I listened to Lou Reed from outside the Stadium in 87 and was grateful for that!!!!
  21. I truly think they should start plundering their catalogue and mix sets up on the next tour.... But having seen every tour since 1984 it's not their style is it? They basically play the same set every night with 2,3 or 4 changes tops. I don't mind that either -- I always do multiple shows - 5 this time in London - it means I get to see new songs multiple times that they then stop playing forever.... I wish they would drop songs like Pride, Beautiful Day and Still Haven't Found.... But the fans need to see these songs don't they... Especially at the current ticket prices... I don't think they interact at all for what it's worth. Not much eye contact and no attempt to offer the bulk of fans picks or hands etc --- I've been at the front many times and to me they are staring into the distance smiling but not to specific fans. Not often anyway. Having said all that - I am a fan that goes 3 - 5 times a tour so not being negative. I love this band !!! Their sound is superb, Bono sings brilliantly and they have outstanding songs across their whole career. But as for mixing it up Pearl Jam style -- or connecting with fans who have waited in line for hours -- not so much. Just not their style. I hope they do go all music and set list crazy if they do an Experience leg next Year -- but they are risk averse -- that's why, having paid for "2 completely different shows" I am basically getting the same shows!
  22. Been a long time member of both fan clubs -- the only 2 I am. My answer to this question is no i don't believe PJ would charge these prices if they could. As mentioned above, they don't charge high prices for front row etc. Nor do they get massively involved with all these VIP tickets where you get some a meal or a laminate etc etc... It is a simple question of business, and U2 have an absolute right to charge what they want and let people buy or not buy. Love both bands - seen them both multiple shows for more than 20 odd Years. Different shows , different bands. they are both in business to make money, and they both do incredible work outside of their music. I am pleased to have had 2 great bands around through the 80's 90's and onwards!! But no, I HONESTLY think PJ see the World of business in a different way to U2 and would not charge $300 or £185 for a ticket.
  23. For me the pre sale was spot on. Got 2 Red Zones for London Night 1 25th October. Straight in and bought within a minute or two... Stress free once I accepted the cost.... £450 odd .... Wow... Then my friend joined (who is coming Night 1) so we could try for Night 2 -- that was cool as well... 2 Tier 1 seats in Block 101 which will be close to main stage... We get great views on both nights... Cost a lot but will be amazing.... Due to cost my wife dropped out as for the 2 of us it was just too much.... But , then in public sale I managed to get 1 Red Zone ticket for Night 1 -- in the same RZ section too.... So all in all - very happy... Just got to watch I don't start spending another £500 on 2 more shows..... So tempting when they're playing indoors... Having been to see them so many times since 84, it's a treat , but an expensive one.... Elevation 2001 seats from Propaganda were like £45 (got Row A Block 115 at Manchester)... Appreciate it's 14 Years on.... But £185 a ticket for a seat....Wow... That £16.50 a ticket service charge is steep in my opinion...
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