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  1. I think it might have been because all the cities weren't being sold the same day for I&E tour. This time, it's every coast at once.
  2. Wth....now I try searching for any ticket, and I'm coming up blank. There must be issues with the ticketmaster website....no way its completely sold out.
  3. Trying to get GA tickets, but its not allowing me to. Sold out?
  4. Yeah, but did you see where the Red Zone section is? It's right next to the stage....alot better than it was for the Innocence and Experience tour!
  5. Yeah, I had problems too. Did anybody manage to get Red Zone for Toronto at all?
  6. Anybody get Red Zone tickets for Toronto? I tried, but said that they weren't available
  7. We do? Because the email they sent is totally different (ie. near the main stage). Which is it: near the "e" stage or the main stage?
  8. I saw a couple of shows in LA. One in GA and one in the seats, middle of the arena. From what I saw, I would probably tend to claim a rail spot either in the actual RZ area or (if the venue lets you) get on the GA rail. Even along the catwalk is a lot of close up action. e-stage is pretty classic too. You never know what might happen there. The piano broke at one of the shows which provided a lot of entertainment with Bono buying some time interacting with the crowd. Other than the seats right behind the goals (no view of the big screen) I don't think there is a bad spot in the house. Thanks for the info Silverbullet, appreciate it!
  9. So where in Red Zone is the best spot to be in? Obviously "on the rail", but *where* on the rail? Closest end to the main stage? Closest end to the "e" stage? Where the two lines of the "L" meet? Where? Seeing them this Friday @ Montreal, so just wondering. If anybody has any insight, please let me know: thanks!
  10. Still didnt get an email, but just checked and my code is in my Account Info page. Looks like I'll be ready for tomorrow (experience baby)! ;-)
  11. Nope... only for the North America shows... Are we sure about that? Almost 3am EST in Montreal...and still no presale email. ~ 7 more hours left until presale...:|
  12. Check Evenko's twitter feed: they seem to be talking about it,
  13. I've been a paid member up until 9/2014, but I still don't see a code...
  14. 11:07pm EST and still no presale code (Montreal)...
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