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  1. this family is prepared to spend the money! Like I said it is our favorite band!! When you LOVE the band like we 4 do. Then you go to see them at any cost. We were not suggesting four tickets for the same show. But rather four tickets over four shows!!
  2. Ing Don't tell people what they can see or do...that is a lack of respect and manners... Who needs someone who owns "the truth"! When you love a group...you want more...that is human nature...with 4 shows in arenas, stadiums, etc. everyone has a shot. I don't see anyone" Demanding" tickets. It is merely a suggestion. If there were only two shows in Montreal then I would take my tickets and be happy. But there are now two more shows. I have four fans. As for "new" fans. They are getting an opportunity to buy tickets. They just have to join U2.com. You make it sound like we are
  3. I'm with you Manon. Like I said. I have 4 members of my family. I introduced my two sons to U2. They are now fans and musicians. We all went to Boston. Of course,then we were allowed 4 tickets. I get it.two tickets for two shows. But c'mon two more shows and no new codes. I am rethinking my U2.com membership. There is no way I will have 4 people from the same house to all become U2.com members. It's not right
  4. I agree. 2 more shows added in Montreal. I have 4 members in my family. Do we all have to join U2.com to get tickets? I guess we'll flip a coin to see who gets to go. Or. Maybe U2 management will come to their senses and allow U2.com members to buy more than just two tickets.
  5. You're right!! My Bad. I apologize. But it doesn't change the fact that a family,of four U2 fans do not get to to go to the concert together
  6. I am so frustrated with U2 and management. First. Long time subscribers only allowed two tickets. I can accept that when there was only two shows announced. But now that two more shows were added to Montreal. I feel U2 subscribers or at least long term U2 .com subscribers should be given an opportunity to buy two more tickets. Please change the policy and open up pre-sales to the newly announced shows for U2.com subscribers!
  7. Foxboro Mass. September 20,2009. I've been a fan of the band since the day in the early 80's when my little brother(16) came home with an album from some "punk" band from Ireland(home of my ancestors) called U2. The album was "Boy". Didn't pay much attention to it until I heard "Into the Heart". Since that time I've been hooked. I have loved and followed and listened to U2 music for over 3 decades. Since that time I married the love of my life and I am the proud father of two college age boys(18)&(21) yrs old respectively. U2 music was always playing in our house. Both my sons were interes
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