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  1. The most exciting concert I've ever been was the U2's 360° tour live in Milan, on july 7th, 2009. it was phenomenal with that huge Claw stage which was the biggest ever realized in the whole story of rock. I even created a handpainted T-shirt for my wife, who was with me for the first time at a U2 concert, to celebrate the event! We'll never forget the power, the joy and the energy that those guys expressed in every word they sung, in every sound they played. They made all of us feel like an enormous group of friends sitting around a fire and singing songs we've always known. We were part of the show ourselves! Amazing! One of the most touching moment of that day was when Bono dedicated Party Girl to his daughter Eve, who was turning 18, and asked all the people at the stadium to celebrate her birthday singing a huge, coral ''happy birthday''. Thank you all for the big emotions you gave us! https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/unforgettablegig?source=feed_text&story_id=473885256085340
  2. T-shit handmade for my wife painted by myself

  3. Hello, my name's Francesco. I am a fun U2, What's your name?
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