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  1. Still haven't been able to buy any GAs for LA...they better open another show or I'm going to be really sad... Haven't missed a tour in years!!
  2. This is crap. No GA tickets through Ticketmaster at all...:(


    1. more4jj


      Agreed. I'm supposed to pay $600 for crap seats? I don't understand....

  3. Prob not a Saturday show but maybe a Monday or Wednesday show...
  4. Hi! Did you call ticketmaster directly? How did you get a refund on seats you purchased? thank you in advanced! I didn't have to call Ticketmaster directly, there was just a little button underneath my tickets in "My Account" that gave me the option to refund the seats. I think it only appears within the first 30 min- 1 hour after you buy the tickets, prior to the transaction being processed...that seems to be the refund window. If you wait any longer than that, you would only be able to re-sell them, not get a direct refund. That's my educated guess, anyway!
  5. yep, got two GA for rose bowl with wires group at 10:20am PST, then Ticketmaster refunded my previously purchased 16-L seated tickets. now just trying to figure out if i'll get my presale code back for two more tickets, since i had them refund the other ones...
  6. They just opened up some more GA tickets, so i picked up 2, but i had already bought 2 seats for $155 each! Luckily, was able to have Ticketmaster refund the seats, so now just have my 2 GA for 5/20. I have a feeling they're going to open up a second show on the 21st after the general sale for the show on the 20th...
  7. Hey all, Still looking for 1 GA ticket for 6/3...I was lucky enough to score one for me through a friend, but now my boyfriend wants to go too! He's never been to a U2 show, so please help me bring a newbie into our lovely community! Willing to pay face value for 1 GA for tomorrow, 6/3...PM me or reply here. Thanks! -S
  8. i really hope there are periscope feeds or at least someone meerkating or something...
  9. I agree with kerrim and axlsdaddy... LA 1 - arrived around 6:15pm, got into the arena by 6:30, was 4 people off the rail on south side (edge's side) where the catwalk meets the e stage. fantastic views of the band and far enough back to see the screen when necessary. LA 2 - arrived around 7:15, got into the arena by 7:25, was 4 people off the rail on north side (adam's side) at the end of the e stage. again, amazing views of the band and then was far enough back to see the screen. walked up towards the i stage in time for COBL, stayed there the rest of the show and was still only about 10 people off the rail. the arenas seem to be big enough and they're handling the amount of GA sales well enough that it's not packed, everyone has space to move around and you only need to get there super early if you want a rail spot or if it's a weekend (it may have helped that LA 1 & 2 were week nights). have tickets to LA 4, hoping to snag some GAs for LA 3 & 5...
  10. i just got a GA for today's show on ticketmaster at 4pm and that's happened before the other shows too, as some others have experienced... keep your fingers crossed and if you don't get any before next week, try around 4pm on the day of the show!
  11. Just snagged a GA for tonight on Ticketmaster!!! Run and check if you want a GA ticket for tonight! WOO HOO!!!
  12. i also have a seat for tonight that i would trade for GA! do you still need it?
  13. As a former tour manager, I know what a beast U2's tours are and it takes a very special person to captain that ship for decades...Dennis was certainly one of a kind. Slan abhaile, Dennis. R.I.P.
  14. Hi all! Looking for 1 GA ticket for either 5/30 or 6/3...I went to LA 1 last night and am going to LA 4 on Sunday, but after last night am now jonesing to go to as many in LA as possible! Anyone willing to sell an extra GA for face value? Thanks in advance!
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