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  1. While we're on it. U2 have not even played most of Asia for that matter. And I hear they have fans in Asia too.
  2. Worry not, this is why TM was sued last time. And will be again. Those 2020 expiry vouchers will be complemented with more vouchers in the future. Trust.
  3. Sigma957

    Ticket Tips

    Us the Edge browser. TM invalidates dual searches in Chrome browsers. Even my beloved Iridium.
  4. Don'y you have your own paid area? Just a thought.
  5. Are you speaking as an independent Scot or a British subject? My Scottish buddy would love a show in his hometown too.
  6. Because having a pre-sale code doesn't guarantee anything? I got my GA tickets for 50.00 less than you in the public sale. Who needs pre-sale codes for a chance at GA anymore? No one. I don't gamble when I don't have to.
  7. Sigma957


    Just buy it on eBay when it becomes available.. It will get discounted by helpful sellers.
  8. What a joke. It's like TM suddenly entered an alternate universe where cardboard stock is now more rare than dry land.....
  9. "Race Against Time" would be cool too. I liked all the JT b-sides.
  10. I guess they didn't like Assassin's Creed the movie's story being based in Spain.... I kid (loved that movie, fye to the haters)
  11. It would have been great if they played Sun Devil Stadium. I would have gone to that one instead of opening night for sure.
  12. Vancouver and Seattle. I will have to travel over 1000 miles again as usual to see them or my friends.
  13. Friends got screwed by failing credit card scanners the first 2 nights of the last tour. They ended up having to go to will-call to get printed physical tickets losing their spots they stayed in all day. It wasn't localized to just Vancouver either. So I call BS to Carlosalonso's statement. "All of this has happened before and will happen again"
  14. I disagree with your entire post. U2 are not relevant in music anymore whether you want to believe it or not. They should just make great music and play it all live. WHICH THEY DON'T. This tour (if they actually keep their promise) will be the first time EVER that they actually played an entire album at one show. For U2, that's new territory.
  15. I think they should make an exception and play a full band version of "When I Look At the World" at each show. Its sound is classic Joshua Tree in the intro. I always felt it should have been the first track on 'All That You Can't Leave Behind'. Also "Deep In the Heart" should get some genuine live full band version. Joshua Tree 1987 is where I began and hopefully Joshua Tree tour 2017 is not where I end.
  16. I was able to get both an Vancouver GA and Seattle GA in the public sale today. The tickets are not sold out guys. They come out in batches. The pre-sale codes became worthless to me after the 360 tour. You have just as good a chance in the regular sale as the pre-sale these days. Buying in to get pre-sale codes for a chance to get tickets with them is just a form of gambling. I stopped subscribing after seeing the 2 Vancouver iNNOCCENCE + eXPERIENCE not deliver as advertised. After 360 was such a great high, the follow-up was less than. It's like they were afraid of playing the new songs they were so proud of. I don't jump every time U2 does things on a whim anymore. Propaganda was the better way. Too bad it's gone.
  17. You guys know eBay owns StubHub right? https://www.bloomberg.com/gadfly/articles/2016-06-22/stubhub-ebay-s-next-ticket-to-ride http://venturebeat.com/2007/01/11/ebay-buys-stubhub-online-ticket-reseller-for-310m/
  18. Unless it was shot in 4k I wouldn't do it. ;o] Personally I think bands/singers should record every show they perform and offer it for sale afterward as an extra revenue stream. I would have LOVED a recording of the Naked and Famous this past Saturday. And Young the Giant the day before that.
  19. Don't believe the SOLD OUT signs on the tour page. They release them in batches throughout the day. I secured GA for Vancouver less than 45 minutes ago. After the tour page already said it was SOLD OUT. Just keep hitting refresh. Ticketmaster stops trolling you with the captchas after 35 minutes. They know you're a humanoid by then. INCA
  20. Sounds like a FIXX song from Beautiful Friction 'Take A Risk'
  21. De Lux - LA Threshold 'I've seen bands get destroyed (because they're not creative enough). They're not creative enough .We'e not creative enough. We're not smart enough' Good lyric
  22. It amazes me how you can order something on eBay that originates in Italy and get it in 7 days by regular mail but a huge conglomerate like Live Nation needs months to do the same service. What are they using Camel Express? It calls for a Police music video...
  23. Excellent post. U2 don't even tour any area of the Asia content nor smaller countries for that matter while everyone else seems to. Production ideas too big for the music.
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