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  1. No, I meant the date. But now that I checked out the Glasto site, I see it begins the same day as 360 Baltimore and ends on the same date as 360 East Lansing. U2 would have to do a quick in and out. So why the 10 day break between between Oakland and Anaheim I hm....
  2. Glastonbury is in between Oakland and Anaheim yeah?
  3. James should headline. They put out two great EPs recently, Night Before/Morning After. They're touring this year so it would be a great fit. And "Sound" was and still is an EPIC song (of many).
  4. I'm going to Denver (anyone selling 1 GA?), so I'll be able to see just exactly what songs don't make it to Salt Lake City, Winnipeg, Edmonton . I'd imagine by the time they reach Seattle (going there too) maybe half the songs played at Denver will get scrapped long before Oakland and Anaheim (why the 10 day break?). I think U2 could pull off a different spontaneouse setlist at each show if they really tried. Just rehearse every album, single and b-side (and demo) months before the tour and have Willie and Joe pre-program data for EACH of those songs so they can choose on the fly. They have IEMs so it wouldn't be a communication issue. Look at James (the band). They have some really spontaneous setlists from city to city. And they don't put out rubbish fan club CDs like "Duals" (Duds). Elizabeth Platt is that you? Good to see you on here.
  5. I've been in a funk lately so I'm listening to newer singers and groups. Small sample, Delta Spirit, Rilo Kiley, Adele, Ra Ra Riot, White Lies, Florence + the Machine, Bat For Lashes, Bloc Party, Cold War Kids, Get Up Kids, Beach House, Black Keys, Cat Power, Duke Spirit, Editors, Ilse de Lange, Lissie, Matt & Kim, Mumford & Sons, Mute Math, National, New Pornographers, Stars, Warpaint, Stellastar, Fray, Bravery, Silversun Pickups, Metric. Yeah...small sample.
  6. You get used to it the more GA queues you go through. Basically roughing it, or as my sister is so fond of reminding me "acting homeless".
  7. Christianity takes faith folks. Faith takes more work than belief because faith is believing without the absence of proof. But your heart knows the truthdespite any proof. Read some John C Maxwell or Paul Tsika books to understand what I mean. Slaying giants in your life.
  8. Actually, I'd like to see U2 do some pre-tour shows of mostly b-sides and unplayed album tracks. Try them out on the test audience and then integrate them into thefinal tour, changing them up once and awhile. It would be great to hear Three Sunrises live for example. I'm hoping U2 have a more varied list this coming tour. It's a 360 tour so I would imagine that would include not just the hits this time. They couldeven re-work some early demos for the now days. I do know for certain, most fans' dream setlists are even more exciting than the real thing. INCA
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